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101 Things to Do in 1001 Days | Progression By Design

When I first came across Mackenzie’s 101 in 1001 days on Design Darling, I was absolutely in love with the idea! I am a huge fan of lists, to do lists more specifically. I have been wanting to create a bucket list for a long time, and this idea is the perfect hybrid between New Years Resolutions and a bucket list. With a time span longer than a year, 101 in 1001 Days gives you a fair shot of actually completely a good majority of the goals on your list!

Start Date: November 4, 2014

End Date: August 1, 2017

Health and Fitness

Become Flexible Again August 2015
Establish and maintain a healthy eating routine
Establish a weekly fitness plan
Become a member at Exposure rock climbing gym
Get in the best shape of my life
Get the perfect boobs (through excercise)
Learn a yoga routine
Workout on schedule for one month
Regular practice interval training
Ride my bike on the Katie Trail
Do Pilates DVD every day for a week
Create a meal plan and stick to it for a month

Join a rock climbing gym again

Career and Blog

Collaborate with a mid-level company
Connect in person with a fellow blogger
Create blog business cards
Be featured by an important magazine or blog
Attend a blogging conference
Post every day for a month
Buy photoshop/ photoshop actions  February 2015
Work with Reward Style
Monetize my blog
Write an Ebook
Upgrade to a DSLR camera
Meet and interview an interior designer
Write a media kit for PBD
Style five interior design mood boards
Film and Photograph my apartment (apartment tour)
Establish and Stick to an editorial calendar for 3 months (weekend reads, etc)
Work with a professional photographer May 2015

Redesign my blog March 2015

Family and Friends

Spend Christmas in New York City  December 2014
Randomly send my mom flowers
Make a random gift basket for someone
See the Nutcracker at Christmas December 2015
Attend a Rangers game with my dad
Camping Trip with my dad
Host my first dinner party
Send 10 hand written notes
Host my first cocktail party
Make a dish for the holidays
Camping trip with friends
Surprise visit a friend that lives out of town

Personal Gains

Learn French, or begin the process
Log all of the books that I read
Open a Retirement fund
Save 10% of every dollar that I earn for one month (to start)
Join/start a book club

Design and furnish my apartment
Attend a hobby class four times in one month (ex. creative writing)
Have some of my apartment published
Own an investment purse
Pull an all nighter (school)
Write three for fun writing pieces
Take a creative writing class
Style my hair everyday for a week
Go one week w/o eating out
Put $10 in savings for every goal completed
Make a strong effort to save 10% of all income received
Make straight A’s in one semester
Buy plants for my balcony ( and keep them alive)
Just for Fun

Take a road trip by myself (April, 2015)
Win a contest
Start water coloring again
Visit the Perot museum
Go zip lining
Sleep outside  ( November 2014)
Go paint balling for the first time
Beat Kingdom Hearts 1
Re stock my perfume collection
See Kevin Hart live
Visit Canton and go shopping
Visit another country
Make and complete a food passport
Invest in good makeup brushes
Reinvent my signature
Make and decorate a cake
Photograph and label shoe collection
Read a Stephen King novel
Have a picnic  (April, 2015)
Leave thirty random notes and quotes around Dallas
See Kings of Leon live
Go to a music festival
Watch a scary movie in the woods (November 2014)
Eat at the sunset restaurant in Austin
Spend the day at the library
Watch all 3 three of the Rings Movies back to back
Finish the entire Grey’s Anatomy series October 2015
Have an Old Fashioned in New York City December 2014
Make five recipes from the New York Times cook book
See a NBA game
Dress as Barbie for Halloween
See Sean McConnel in concert
Finish ten new books
Buy a new board game
Buy my first Lilly Pulitzer dress (April, 2015)
Get my makeup professionally done
Go to the casino and win at least 200$
Reupholster a piece of furniture

If you decide to follow along, be sure to link your list below so that I can see it!



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