101 Things in 1001 Days (Round Two)


101 in 1001 Days // A fun personal goal setting challenge to be completed over a few years. // Progression By Design


A few years ago I came across this fun challenge that Mackenzie Horan from Design Darling was doing on her blog. The task is simple: make a list of 101 things to complete in 1,001 days.

I like this personal challenge because it is to be completed over an extended period of time. It is a fun way to incorporate bigger goals in with smaller, fun items to complete!

I completely dropped the ball on the first round that I did a few years ago. *Hangs head in shame* But I am really excited to give it another go this time and really make a conscious effort to complete the items on it.

It was such a trip reading the goals that I set in the first round of this challenge. My priorities have completely changed since writing it, and it is very clear (at least to me) that I was a lot younger and in a different place in my life.

Anyway, on to the good stuff.

PS. I’m bad at counting and accidentally wrote 104 things. Oh well!


Start Date: February 9, 2018

End Date: November 5, 2020


Personal Development


Start a Roth IRA

Build my savings to 10k

Vote in the 2018 election

Attend a march

Invest in stock

Read at least 50 new books

Read the Game of Thrones book series

Start and finish a crossword puzzle

Learn French (or begin the process)

Attend a poetry reading

Wake up at 6 am everyday for at least two weeks

Completely pay off my loan

Get Lasik eye surgery

Re-straighten my teeth


Travel Adventures


Move to another country

Take a hot air balloon ride

Jump out of an airplane

Take surfing lessons

Camp in another country

Zipline through a jungle

Learn to drive a scooter

Sleep on the beach

Go cliff jumping

Swim with whale sharks in the Philippines

Learn to snowboard

Get a natal chart reading

Attend a meditation retreat

Go rock climbing outdoors

Watch the sunrise on a cliff overlooking the ocean

Spend a month in Thailand

Stay at the Four Seasons Chiang Mai in Thailand

Visit Japan

Visit Moracco

Visit Iceland

Celebrate my birthday in another country

Travel somewhere with snow

Ride in an open door helicopter

Swim in an infinity pool


Just for Fun


Leave a note in a book for someone to find

Pay for a stranger’s groceries

Climb a Tree

Have a picnic

Fly a kite

Make a pro quality travel video about Dallas

Learn to french braid my own hair

Create a new handwriting signature

Learn proper cursive

Get another tattoo

Learn how to play Poker

Become decent at Chess

Go to an NFL or NBA game

See Kevin Hart live

Visit a spa

Play a game of paintball




Needlepoint a pillow

Write a short story

Re-purchase inline skates

See at least 5 concerts

See a show at Red Rocks

Take an aerial yoga class

Take tennis lessons

Complete my “Top 50 Fave Songs of All Time” playlist

Rock climb the grain silo


Family + Friends


Surprise my family with a visit home while abroad

Make a new friend in another country

See Kings of Leon live with my Mom

Camping trip with my Dad

Go on a trip to another country with a friend

Send my best friend a care package for her birthday

Take a trip with my Aunt

See the Nutcracker with my Mom

Buy my Dad an L-glass camera lens

Get my Dad to teach me how to make the perfect martini




Be commissioned for a video by a brand

Start and grow a Youtube channel to 100k subscribers

Grow my Instagram following to over 75k

Buy a drone

Upgrade my camera body

Start a book club

Have a 5-figure launch

Have a 6-figure launch

Hire an employee

Collaborate with a big brand

Get business cards made

Find a mentor

Do a JV Webinar

Hire a custom website designer

Join a Mastermind group

Collaborate with a luxury hotel

Create a Dallas city guide

Sell stock photos as a (very small) side hustle

Have 100 students

Create 5 travel videos

Health + Fitness


Develop a regular Yoga practice

Achieve my goal weight

See an acupuncturist

Meditate every morning for at least two weeks straight

Complete a 30 day squat challenge

Finish 12 weeks of Kayla Itsine’s program (Bikini Body Guide)

Eat a plant based diet for an entire month

Give up alcohol for an entire month

Visible six-pack

Get all three splits back

10 (non girl) push ups in a row



I would love to see your 101 in 1,001 days list if you decide to create on for yourself. Comment a link to yours below so I can go check it out!


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