- Month: August 2013 -

Guilty Pleasures: Chick Flicks

I know that there is nothing wrong with a good chick flick and a glass of white wine, but some chick flicks are almost just too corny to handle. But that's okay! Everyone has their guilty pleasures. You may think mine is terrible, I may think yours is a bit corn ball... but that's the beauty of them! Everyone has their favorites! Thus I present to you, my top ten  chick flick movies! (In no particular order) Also, side note- these are not my all time favorite movies. I will make a separate list for those later. These are strictly my fave chick flicks. 1. First Wives Club Okay, this is a classic in my opinion. A super unrealistic female empowerment movie. Aka, the best kind of movie. I just finished watching this ten minutes…

Wide Leg Pants

Bell bottoms and wide legged pants were extremely popular in the seventies. This was an iconic style found in both women and men's  fashion. This unique style of pant started going out of style in the mid eighties when stirrup pants and tapered "skinny jeans'' became the new trend. These wide legged pants made their comeback in the early nineties when hip hop artists started wearing baggy pants and tight tshirts, turning the tight pant/baggy shirt trend from the eighties on its head. Women in the early 2000's turned this pant style into a chic everyday look. Wearing them with heels and a fitted jacket or blazer adds femininity and makes for a chic everyday look! Vintage Flair   While this trend was especially prevalent in the seventies it started as early as the…

Summer Mantle

I've been meaning to photograph my summer mantel since well, the beginning of the summer. I'm not super happy with the pictures as they are a little blurry. I need a better camera ASAP.  But I really like the way the light from my patio streams in through the colored glass vases and bottles. Looking at the mantel in a photograph looks completely different than it appears in person. I feel like I need to add in a larger scale vase or something to balance the height of the large canvas. (more…)

August Favorite Finds

Art Print | Leather Clutch | Address Label | Throw Blanket |Shoes | Gold Bracelet | Desk Sorry that this post is a little over due. I've been under the weather the last couple days and am finally feeling well enough to blog again! I absolutely love all of these things, especially the shoes and the desk! I can't believe that desk is from Target! I already have a desk in my room but I wish I had seen this one when I was in the market for a desk. Oh well.

Dorm Room Style

It's back to school season and I couldn't be more excited. I always look forward to getting back in the swing of things after summer break! To celebrate the back to school season I thought I would put together a little series for all of the girls that are heading to college for the first time and moving into their new dorm rooms! I personally never got to enjoy the dorm experience, as I moved straight into an apartment after high school, but I thought it would be fun to put this together for those who are indeed going to be living in a dorm. To start things off, I wanted to share my three essential guidelines to creating a gorgeous, cohesive dorm room. Create Symmetry When Possible This is extremely important when you…

Seeing Stripes…Again

It's baaack... the post dedicated solely to the appreciation and celebration of the gorgeous black and white stripe. It's invading every nook and cranny of this beautiful world: fashion, houses, party decorations... All of which I love, duh. I've always adored the look of toile and black and white stripes. I love the way that the patterns compliment one another. And then that awesome abstract painting? Boom. Mind blown. I love these chairs as well. They really brighten up what is otherwise, a pretty dark room. Side note, the table is painted gold. Fabulous! In my book, no one can go wrong with gorgeous white hydrangeas and a little black and white stripes to amp up the party factor! Speaking of party, I adore these balloons. They would literally go with about five party…

Jewelry Storage Solutions

Like many women I love jewelry. And shoes. And bags. The problem is, not everyone has a giant master walk in closet to store all of these lovely accessories. Today I wanted to focus on several jewelry storage solutions. I've been trying to figure out a creative way to store my necklaces in a pretty, yet functional manner. Luckily my earring storage is covered. I splurged and bought myself a GORGEOUS mirrored jewelry box from Crate and Barrel last Christmas when ahem, I was supposed to be buying things for other people. Oh well. Here are some of my favorite jewelry storage solutions that I've come across and liked! Be sure and let me know your favorite in the comments below! Jewelry Storage Using a Cloche Okay if you've read some of my other…

Artist Spotlight: Kitchen Art by Anek

I have always really liked the look of kitchen art. Typically I see either pretty photographs of fruit, kitchen utensils, etc. or really cartoony clip art style kitchen art. I am so glad that I discovered Anek and her many talents in the kitchen art department. Her work is very contemporary and modern but still kitchen themed and simply gorgeous. I love her simplistic style and focus on a single concept or food pertaining to the kitchen. Her art would work in almost any kind of kitchen and really bring a nice visual element into the space! She is taking a break for the summer but will be back in full swing on August 8th! I can't wait! Check out her etsy store! (more…)