- Month: November 2013 -

The Classic Holiday Movies

I have been counting down the days until the holiday season basically since the end of August. It is my absolute favorite time of year and I love getting into all of the decorating, cooking, and activities that accompany the winter holidays! One of my favorite traditions is stocking up on some munchies and settling in for a holiday movie marathon! Here are some of the classics that make it into my movie line up every year: (more…)

Style Bite: Hanging Art on Bookcases

I really love the look of creating dimension and interest with layers of picture frames and art pieces. Often when we incorporate art into book cases, we place the frames onto the shelves. For a unique look try hanging the art on the front of the book case itself. It adds dimension and creates a unique design element using a traditional book case. To keep the clutter at a minimum, don't go crazy with other knick knacks on the shelf! The art piece should serve as a unique focal point, not a source of visual clutter. (more…)

Over Sized Art Piece

[caption id="attachment_1523" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Z Gallerie[/caption] Okay I literally just needed to share this delicious over sized art piece from Z Gallerie with someone. Anyone. I so badly wish that I could afford this beauty so that I could spend my days sitting on my stark white couch (clearly that would look divine with the blue) and gaze at this thirst quenching art piece. The brilliant blue in the painting  just makes me want to drink a glass of water! I am so in love. Rant Over. What art piece are you craving right now?

How to Style a Mantle

Mantles are often the focal point of a room and can really add to or hinder the look of a space. However, styling a mantle can sometimes pose a bit of a challenge. Don't avoid this awesome design opportunity,  if certain interior design tips and tricks are followed, styling these architectural elements can become an easy, fun process. (more…)

Favorite Fall Accessories

1. Corduroy Ball Cap, Southern Proper | 2. Bow Head Band, KJP | 3. Flower Necklace, Sole Society |4. Poppy Clips | 5. Silver Bracelet, Sole Society  | 6. Purse, Sole Society | 7. Scarf, Zara |8. Suede Flats, Sole Society I've been absolutely loving all of the new fall accessories out this season! To the annoyance of my wallet, I discovered the wonders of Sole Society. In case you haven't noticed, I'm loving a couple of things from them! I can't wait to add all of these gorgeous fall accessories to my wardrobe. What are you loving this season?