- Month: March 2014 -

Stripes on Stripes

Top, Forever 21 (similar) | Shorts, Pac Sun | Hat, Sole Society (similar) | Shoes, Michael Kors (similar) | Earrings, Kendra Scott For those of you who have followed Progression By Design from the beginning, you are well aware of my love affair with black and white stripes. I'm basically obsessed. I automatically like things a little more just because they are black and white striped! Its weird. So naturally when I bought this sun hat from Mexico last summer, I was pretty excited to style it! I had a blast shooting this bold look on the lake!

Let’s Get Nude

I never used to be a nude purse/anything kind of girl, but when I found this bag last season my perspective changed! Nude is the perfect warm weather color. It instantly lightens up an outfit and looks stunning with just about anything. Nude is my new navy! Well, that might be a little extreme, but still... you get the point. I can't wait to switch purses and wear my favorite bag! Here are some of my other nude favorites from this season: (Scroll through the slide show with the arrows. Click on the captions for links!) [slideshow_deploy id='2112'] Have a happy spring in the nude! XOXO.  

Simple Luxuries at J Crew

I might get taken to Preppy Court for this (yes it's real), but I never had a strong interest in J Crew until my best friend Alex opened up my eyes to it's majestic beauty. I love J Crew's signature "I just threw this on but I look fabulous" look! They put a spin on classic items like the baseball cap, the sweat shirt, and the t shirt and turn it into something luxurious and pretty. Baseball Caps Until this past winter, I have never been a hat person. Now, I can't get enough of them, and it doesn't help that J Crew comes out with new gorgeous caps frequently! This Jacquard Baseball cap has been on my wishlist for a while now, but now that it is on sale, I might just pull…

The Closet That Is Never Full

In a world where a full closet equals happiness and subsequently, happiness = credit card debt, is a well rounded wardrobe realistically attainable? If it's not my shoe collection that needs attention, it's my top collection. If it's not my top collection, then it's my dress collection. But wait, who am I kidding? My shoe collection always needs attention. ;) I love all of the things that hang in my closet, and I am thankful for each and everyone one of them, but sometimes my wardrobe just feels a little lacking! Will I ever feel well rounded? Or is this just my inner shopaholic talking? Do you ever feel like there are bald spots in your closet? XOXO.

Spring Break Essentials (College Edition)

Note: Post updated to reflect current favorites and products. 2/22/16 Ahh, the time of year has come for young adults to hit the beaches in droves. Spring Break is upon us! Pack up your coolers and totes, grab a friend (or five) and head to the beach. If you have never been on an official "Spring Break trip" before, there are some life or death items that you don't want to leave at home. Read on for tips and advice, a suggested packing list, and adorable beachwear suggestions!   | Monogram Necklace, Personalized From Me to You | Hat, Vineyard Vines | Coozie, Kiss My Southern Sass | Bro Tank, Kiss My Southern Sass | Tote, Southern Honey n Grace | Sea Salt Hair Mist, Ulta | Heart Shaped Aviators, Old Navy (only $4!)…

Lacquered Wall Love

I don't know if it's the vibrant shine, or the dynamic energy that these shiny walls bring, but lacquered walls have really caught my eye as of late! I'm a sucker for anything patent leather or shiny, so naturally lacquered walls are on my latest apartment to do list. These unique walls don't just add shine, they serve several additional design purposes as well! [caption id="attachment_2033" align="aligncenter" width="375"] House Beautiful[/caption]   Lacquered walls add a glossy sheen that kicks a normal painted wall up a gear...or five. Basically this glossy look is achieved by adding an enamel coating to the wall, finished with a high gloss. While the coating may be easy, the prep work is what really makes the project shine. The walls have to be sanded to perfection, eliminating any imperfections that…

Spring Showers

Spring is here, and with it comes the skirts, florals, sandals, and of course, the spring showers! The smell of rain and wet earth is probably in my top three favorite things about life itself, but I don't like being caught in the rain without a chic accessory or two. After pulling out my not so chic black retractable umbrella that folds in on itself frequently, I decided that it was time to purchase some new rainy day accessories and rain boots. Here are some of my favorite boot selections for the Spring Season: | Pink Umbrella | Clear Umbrella | Green Umbrella | Knit Poncho | Burberry Rain Boots| | Blue Rain Boots | Black Rain Boots| Floral Rain Boots | Lace Rain Boots | There are tons of ways to style these…