Artist Spotlight: Jeremy Miranda

As I was perusing Emily Henderson’s blog today I came across a post where she was talking about several artists that she really liked. After I picked my jaw up off of the floor I decided I wanted to feature one of them on my blog. Because well, I found my new favorite artist of all time. I’m not even kidding you guys. I have never wanted to own every piece of art created by someone before. I absolutely love his style and composition. If I could walk off into the sunset with a painting, you better believe it would be one of Jeremy Miranda’s. Go check out more of his work! Prepare to develop a new obsession. Several painting are linked to his etsy store and some to his

I love the juxtaposition between light and dark in his split landscapes. Both scenes are beautiful and show such detail. I’m not sure if this one is my absolute favorite (I just couldn’t bare to choose) but it’s definitely in my top three. I would LOVE to own the original of this, but $800 dollars (ish) is not in my college budget. Maybe one day… *wistful sigh*

“Oregon Ladder” by Jeremy Miranda

Another one that has landed itself into my top three. I love that all of his underwater paintings have such a unique perspective.

“Searching” by Jeremy Miranda, Etsy


"Greenhouse Interior" by Jeremy Miranda
“Greenhouse Interior” by Jeremy Miranda


"Greenhouse" by Jeremy Miranda
“Greenhouse” by Jeremy Miranda


"Shelter" by Jeremy Miranda, Etsy
“Shelter” by Jeremy Miranda, Etsy

Jeremy’s use of light is my favorite element in his paintings.

"Ice Climber" by Jeremy Miranda
“Ice Climber” by Jeremy Miranda


"Bridge" by Jeremy Miranda
“Bridge” by Jeremy Miranda


"Gather" by Jeremy Miranda
“Gather” by Jeremy Miranda




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    I love these! What a fabulous artist! I’m so glad you shared – didn’t catch this on Emily’s blog before.

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