August Playlist

August Playlist (The Songs I Have Been Obsessed With All Month!) | Progression By Design

August has been a great, but insanely busy month. I wrapped up the last week of August in College Station, Texas visiting my best friend Alex and it was such a blast! We basically blogged and spent twenty hours a day in front of the TV binge watching Hulu. Week well spent.

I discovered some great music on the road trip down that I took by myself. Thank you Pandora for being my boyfriend and keeping me company the whole way. On that note, curating the perfect Pandora station is seriously an art form. After hours of tweaking I have finally found the perfect mix for me! So far I have the perfect electronic music station and then the perfect country music station. The best of both worlds – similar to my monthly playlists on here… So basically just an awkward mix of country and visceral electronic music.

I didn’t listen to as much country this month (there is only one song on the playlist), but I am SERIOUSLY loving all of the songs on this month’s playlist. I put my favorite one at the top of the list, but the rest aren’t in order. I love them all too much to play favorites. Pun semi- intended. Also side note: I know that a ton of the songs are Odesza remixes, but Odesza is bae. Yes I just said bae. Happy listening everyone! Please let me know your favorite song on the list in the comments, or the song that has been on repeat for you in the month of August!




PS. I highly recommend listening to these in your car, they sound much better and you can really hear the background layers of the different songs. Many of these that I included this month are very calming, but layered. So take full advantage of a good sound system if you have one available to you!

PPS. If you want more ah-mazing music recommendations make sure and go listen to my MarchApril, and June, Playlists. I skipped two months randomly. #whoops Don’t judge me.


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