How to Style a Bar Cart


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I’ve come across so many gorgeous bar carts lately, which of course inspired me to write a post dedicated to them. As with anything, there are many different design approaches one can take when styling a bar cart.  The sleek chrome lines of the bar cart above inspired me to take a modern approach to styling. This design could easily be made less feminine by opting out of the flowers and adding a neat decorative accessory in its place.

For more bar cart styling inspiration be sure and head over to my Bar Cart Pinterest board and follow along.


The beauty of bar carts is the wide selection of carts that there are to choose from. Some are bohemian and casual, while others are sleek and modern. I have selected a few of my favorite modern bar carts to share with you! Let me know which ones are your favorites in the comments below.

How To Style a Bar Cart | Progression By Design

CB2, $179 (top sold separately) 


 Crate and Barrel, $599

High Street Market, $950

Restoration Hardware, on sale $715

Interior design tips and tricks to help you design your own modern bar cart. | Progression By Design

Pier 1, $200

While every bar cart needs some style, it also needs to be well stocked and functional! Here is a rough guide to some of the bar cart essentials that you might want to keep on hand:

Bar Cart Essentials

Cheers to the perfectly styled modern bar cart! For more interior design posts check out Tried and True Design Rules or How to Make Your Home Look Expensive.



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    Those are lovely. My attraction to shiny things demands one now!

    I think my favourite is the Milieu. I love the delicacy and sheen.


      Marie Huang

      Ugh I know they’re so gorgeous! And yes I love that one too it’s my second favorite!

      Marie H.