Chinoiserie Inspired Living Room

Chinoisserie Inspired Living Room | Progression By Design


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Chinoiserie: the imitation or evocation of Chinese motifs and techniques in Western art, furniture, and architecture, especially in the 18th century.


I have always loved the look of Chinoiserie influenced spaces. One of my favorite interior designers, Mary McDonald, is the queen of all things Chinoiserie. I love that this style can be pushed to the max or subtly introduced into the room. I incorporated this style into my own living room by adding a ceramic ginger jar style lamp on the modern chrome console table. The juxtaposition between cold, modern chrome and mirrors and Chnioiserie adds character and interest to the space.

I placed two garden stools underneath the console to double as both decorative pieces and extra seating that can be utilized when needed. I could further the Chinoiserie flair by adding an orchid instead of an arrangement of white hydrangeas, both suit the vignette nicely. I added a large black and white photograph of Lana Del Ray over the mirrored console. I absolutely love the elegance of this shot. It reminds me of a 1950’s style portrait!

When selecting fabrics for the decorative throw pillows I wanted to focus on staying within the same color palette for a more subtle effect. I added a large scale green palm print pillow to throw in a little color without over doing it! I am switching the legs on this white Ikea love seat to sleeker, black legs to better coordinate with the space.

This is my plan for my new living room so far! Let me know how you liked it in the comments below! I will update you with my progress and any changes to the design plan that I may make.



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