Creativity With Decorative Accessories: Part Two

Creativity With Decorative Accessories Part Two | Progression By Design

Photo by Emily Henderson

My favorite things about designing a room are the decorative accessories. These little details can tell so much about the person living in the space and can really make an impact in the over all feel of the room as a whole. Decorative accessories are a chance to further surround yourself with the things that you truly love and find joy from.

” Things do matter. Our homes tell our stories, they reflect the places we’ve been and the people we’ve loved along the way—and there can be no more beautiful design for living than that.”

-Nate Berkus

If you haven’t read the first part of my decorative accessories series, be sure to go read Creativity With Decorative Accessories: Part One.

Partying in the Past

For the second part of my two part series, I’m going to be talking all about unique vintage finds.

Decorating With Abandon

I find that old, funky items give so much more personality to a space (not always)  than cookie cutter items a thousand other people have the opportunity to purchase for themselves. Literally anything goes in the vintage category. If it makes you happy, then display it. As I’ve developed a bit more in my design tastes, I’ve started to let the sentiment  “everything needs to be orderly and in place” go. While everyone has their own style and preferences, I typically am more drawn to a room that looks collected and unique. I stopped worrying whether all of my accessories looked “good” together  and started trying to collect more of the things I truly love. Letting go of that design anxiety is very liberating and has made for a much happier personal space.


Note: Even if you’re not a huge vintage fan, you can still find a lot of great ideas in this post that will fit you and your own personal style. I’m not quite as vintage as some of these images but I still love a lot of the ideas that they feature.

Okay guys I’m fully aware that I have an interior design crush on Emily Henderson. But it would just be wrong not to use her work as an example when talking about the implementation of vintage items into your space. I am so in love with the way that she styled this bookcase in her living room. It looks so unique and collected.  I love the architectural sculpture on top of the shelves as well as her little brass shoe collection. Everything is so different from one another, yet it totally works. Because the brass/gold is repeated in several objects on the shelves it really pulls the whole arrangement together. Hats off to Emily.

Creativity With Decorative Accessories Part Two | Progression By Design
Emily Henderson



I love this idea and want to recreate this in my living room. I constantly find myself at Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters drooling at all of the over priced “vintage knobs.” I want to hit up some of the thrift stores in my area and see if I can find some cool ones without the hefty price tag. On top of the adorable knobs, this is made even better by the adorable cloche they’re housed in.


The vase of colorful arrows accompany the other bright colors on the mantel nicely. They add nice height to the mantel and pair nicely with the painting. I’m also obsessed with that little baby ladder propped up on the picture frame. What a unique idea!

Creativity With Decorative Accessories Part Two | Progression By Design
Emily Henderson

These vintage storage bins look great under this console table. Their worn, weathered appearance really adds to their look and uniqueness.

Vintage Storage Bins
Source Unknown

Almost all of the objects in the image below could be used in a number of ways in a home. Especially the top and bottom images! I love the trumpet on the bottom! It would look killer on top of a bookcase!

Creativity With Decorative Accessories Part Two | Progression By Design
Midcentury Findings

These whimsical Billy Ball look pretty  sophisticated on this bar cart. If you haven’t heard of these cute little guys be sure and check them out and get acquainted. The vintage vase and lamp add to the unique vintage feel to the arrangement. I love their look and I  might just have to use this idea in my own apartment.

Creativity With Decorative Accessories Part Two | Progression By Design
Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson

The globes and the little wooden people make for a whimsical vignette. I especially love the wooden people though. They have a great color palate and would look great on the end of a table or nestled in next to some books on a shelf.

Modern Findings Home
Modern Findings

I love all of the items in the images above and would really enjoy having  a lot of them in my own apartment. I look forward to collecting some totally cool things like these of my own! I love how all of these things can be implemented into your own personal style and really fit the way that you like to design.

I would love to hear everyone’s thought on my examples as well as the post series as a whole!



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    […] These are just some of my favorite decorative accessory ideas that I’ve used and seen. There are so many more out there! Be sure and check out my second installment in the three part series, Creativity With Decorative Accessories: Part Two. […]

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    Hi Marie,

    I love your idea of hunting down actual vintage knobs instead of buying the super expensive ones at Anthro. I love the look of them but I can never quite justify $20 a knob!

    Great article and the pictures are droolworthy!


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      I’m glad that you agree! I love looking for vintage stuff! I’m not gonna lie though those anthro knobs are pretty tempting haha. I wish they weren’t so expensive!!

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