Creativity With Decorative Accessories: Part One

Creativity With Decorative Accessories Part One | Progression By DesignDecorative accessories are my favorite part about designing a space. They’re the visual icing on the cake. A well designed space is nothing without the perfectly placed little details that give it personality. Whether it may be a sleek chrome accessory from Z Gallerie, or a whimsical vintage find from your local flee market, these items inject your personality into your space and give it a unique touch that can’t be found anywhere else.

While there are oodles of beautiful items out there that would be that perfect finishing touch on your credenza in the living room, not everyone can realistically afford to throw caution to the wind and buy an abundance of those pricey pieces. I’ve found it a fun challenge to create a unique space with truly lovely accessories without sending my debit card to ride out a coma in the ICU unit.


The perfect space to me still has that designed feel, but still has alot of unique pieces that give the room true character. I’m trying to stray from that “Z Gallerie just threw up chrome all over my apartment look” that I used to be in love with,(not that there’s anything wrong with that look though) and progress towards a more collected look and feel. This has challenged me to think outside of the box with my decorative accessory choices. Here are some favorites:


Truly the sky is the limit here. Anything that will fit under a cloche goes. Small plants or succulents tend to be my favorite.  But anything you put under those little guys can add a really unique accent to the space. The more unique and surprising the better in my opinion.


Young House Love
Young House Love
Emily Henderson



I’ve been look everywhere for something that resembles this golden head. I love body parts used as decorative accessories for some reason. You know like the hand replicas people often use as ring holders for example?

Little Bits of Lovely


Or this whimsical Jonathan Adler vase that has been in my purchasing cross hairs for some time now. One day I WILL own this darn it! I think its so cute to put flowers in because then it looks like she’s wearing a flower hat of some sort.

Misia Vase by Jonathan Adler


Okay. For some reason animal figures have been my obsession recently and I have no idea why other than that they’re effing great. The challenge has been working them into my apartment without looking like the weird girl with animal figurines staring at you everywhere that you turn. There have been worse things i’m sure, but moderation (at least in this case for me) is key.

Creativity With Decorative Accessories Part 1 | Progression By Design


Jen Ramos, Made by Girl



As I’m sure that you may have noticed, monograms are back with a passion. I’m typically not a huge trend follower when it comes to interior design or fashion, but I must admit that I am a monogram fan. Regarding interior design, they’re a great way to personalize a space and make it feel more your own.  They come in a huge variety of mediums, colors and styles, allowing you to monogram well, anything basically.

Before we get to the monogram, may I just comment on how beautifully styled this bookshelf is? I love it, and everything on it. And that pink!!! *meaningful look* Anyway, the gold “K” monogram really stands out and personalizes the space. I have a similar white one in my bedroom that I’m quite fond of.

  • DIY Idea: Buy a cardboard letter similar to this in the wood crafting section of your local craft store and spray paint it. At my local Joann’s they have a huge selection in varying sizes. I think it would be fun to make a really large one and lean it on a picture ledge or on the top of a bookcase. These letters are cheap, and make great gifts!
Centsational Girl’s Studio Office

I’m currently on the market for a monogram pillow for my bed that is as similar as possible to this one. Because well, it’s awesome.

These are just some of my favorite decorative accessory ideas that I’ve used and seen. There are so many more out there! Be sure and check out my second installment in the two part series, Creativity With Decorative Accessories: Part Two.





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    Wow, quite interesting pics of accessories of creation.
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      I’m glad you found it helpful and interesting! That’s great to know! 🙂

      Marie H.

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