Design Breakdown No.2

Design Breakdown No.2

The second post in my Design Breakdown series simply had to be the beautiful studio apartment from the popular blog Sanity Fair .This beautiful Chinoiserie studio apartment ( french for “chinese-esque”) always blows my socks off every time I look at it. This is the main image that I’m “breaking down” but I can’t resist to not post other photos. Because well, it’s just that good. So please for the love of Pete go look at her blog and revel in her home’s greatness after reading my post 😉

This isn’t my favorite photograph of the space, but it gives you the best idea of the total layout instead of just specific areas. For this Breakdown I’m working off of several photos instead of the usual solo photo. Because frankly, I couldn’t just pick ONE.


Maximize Space

I love the small, acrylic coffee tables. They serve their purpose while still kind of remaining invisible. In a studio apartment or another small space, this is great because an opaque coffee table takes up a significant amount of visual space. This can make the room feel even smaller and cramped.

Everything Must Have Purpose

This credenza (above) functions as a focal point,  storage unit, AND TV stand. Everything in a small space must have multiple uses and purposes. You can’t afford to have a piece of furniture that isn’t carrying its “functionality” load. Also note the book case serving as a room divider (above). This looks great, and provides killer storage.

Here’s a view of whats behind that bookcase wall. Once again… stunning! I LOVE the screen used as a headboard.


Sanity Fair
Sanity Fair

 Neutral Palette 

The white walls paired with a neutral toned rug goes nicely with the splashes of color found in the green curtains, pillows, and pillow cushions. By avoiding the use of too many patterns and large doses of  color, the space doesn’t appear overly busy or cramped.



Find a Wild Card Piece

The leopard print pillow on the sofa really draws the eye to that area and makes a bold statement. I think adding these unexpected pieces to a room really gives it a dose of  “you.” When everything looks basically the same  it doesn’t have the same effect. In my opinion, every room should have several “wow” pieces  that grab your attention. Like Pamela Anderson picking up a dropped pencil kind of wow.

Mix Your Fabrics

The curtains pair nicely with the other fabrics in the space because  they have a smaller scale print, while the rug and pillows have a larger, geometric type pattern. Instead of competing for your attention, they coexist in harmony.

But seriously though guys isn’t this apartment fabulous? If you haven’t seen any of my other Design Breakdown posts be sure and check out No. 1 and No.3!




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