Design Breakdown: Feminine Living Room

I love the feminine simplicity of this funky, yet elegant living space. My favorite thing to do when designing a room is to mix pieces from different eras together, and this living room makes this sometimes tricky practice look effortless.

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A Room of Contrast

The funky zebra print rug perfectly offsets the traditional elements in the space, and the sleek glass coffee table nicely contrasts with the heavier, more traditional looking furniture. The other decorative elements in the room such as the female bust on the mantle and the cluster of white taper candles on the accent table are soft and romantic while the dark chairs and rug are bolder in nature.

Creating Symmetry When None Exists

Styling a room with a focal design element such as this fireplace that isn’t centered on the wall can be challenging because it can throw the entire design off. It is important to create symmetry elsewhere in the space using furniture and other decorative pieces. This designer uses sofas on either side of the fireplace as well as sconces and other decorative elements to offset the original lack of symmetry.

Casual Elegance

While this technically refers back to my original point about the use of contrast in this space, the designer does such an amazing job of creating a cozy, casual, but still elegant living room. If less casual sofas and textiles were used, the space would take on a more formal feel due to the other decorative elements in the room. The sofas and furry pillows add a casual, inviting aspect to the room. I would feel just as comfortable curling up with a book as I would with hosting a formal cocktail party in this living room!

all photos via The Design Co.


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