Design Breakdown No. 4

Design Breakdown No. 4I’m a huge fan of bright color, so naturally this living room is right up my alleyway. I feel like the color palette for the space was derived from the large painting residing over the sofa. It has a great combination of teals, pale pinks, and peaches to work from. Accents of lime green and gold are additionally worked into the room, adding to the soft but bright feel.

Create a Jumping Off Point

By using a piece of art or fabric as the room’s jumping off point, it can really give a lot of style and color palette direction. The large art piece over the sofa has softer colors with bold teal. The pillows and other art pieces pick up those same colors from the painting but in a bolder pop of color.

Keep it Light

This bold living room is balanced nicely with white furniture and accents. It could easily appear to busy and crowded if the white wasn’t thoughtfully mixed in. While all of the paintings and art are different, they are all unified with their white mats and/or background. They pair beautifully with the white sofa and white coffee tables.

 Avoid Over Complication

Because a lot of the artwork pieces are pretty busy pattern wise, the pillows and accessories are toned down in the pattern department. If a lot of pattern was used in the textiles, it might compete with the large art piece serving as a focal point for the space. Likewise, the coffee table vignette is kept very simple and clean.

No Color Limits

I love that even though this living room has really bold walls, the designers didn’t shy away from adding loads of  further color. People that aren’t as comfortable at injecting colors might jump to using all neutrals with maybe one additional color in the space after painting the walls such a bold blue hue. Fearless design is the most inspiring to me, and I feel that this room really achieves that look.

Strike Gold

Gold pairs deliciously with almost all colors and styles, and this room is no exception. Instead of taking the silver route, the designers added splashes of gold into the space with light fixtures and tables. Personally, the gold really adds something visually to the room that silver couldn’t in this case.


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