DIY Glitter Starbucks Cold Cup



Last year one of my close friends and I, Hailey, had the best intentions of creating a DIY project youtube channel. Well needless to say, we only made one video. HA! I am planning on doing many more youtube videos featuring both DIY projects, and interior design tips and tricks. But I thought I would just put up my old video though so you can try this project for yourself. It was really easy and cheap! I think these cups are so cute and they make GREAT gifts! I gave them to a bunch of friends for Christmas and they loved them. Because it was Christmas we made them in such colors. I would love to make a bright purple, or pink one! Or even black glitter!!


Spray Adhesive

Starbucks Cold Cup with UNSCREWABLE LAYERS (This is important because you need to be able to separate the inside layer from the outer shell.)

Large Container of Glitter


Gloves (optional)

NOTE: The video is difficult to hear at the beginning, sorry about that. However, don’t turn your volume up too loud to hear it because the second part where I actually demonstrate how to make the project is much louder. I don’t know why that ended up happening. In case you can’t hear the first part, I typed out the gist of what we were saying below the video.

In the first part of the video we were just listing the supplies that were needed, which I listed above. The newspaper is just to provide a clean work surface to spray the adhesive over without making a mess. Because trust me, it will.

The second part of the video we discuss the steps.

1.) Spray adhesive evenly over the inner layer

2.) Coat with glitter by rolling the sprayed cup through it

3.) Be sure to cover any bald spots

4.) Carefully screw the parts back together

HINT: Be careful not to get glitter around the ridges of the cup around the rim. It will show a bit and makes it a little harder to screw the cups back together.

If anyone makes one be sure and post your pictures of your projects!





  • Reply Chelsea June 24, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    So funny that I just came across this- I did this last night! But on one of the stainless steel Starbucks tumblers. I have a question, because I used spray adhesive too.. did yours come out a bit foggy? The glitter isn’t as vibrant as I thought it’d be, it’s still awesome but I think the spray adhesive made it a bit foggy. Mine still totally smells like the adhesive too and it’s making me paranoid to drink out of it, haha.

    • Reply Marie Huang June 24, 2013 at 12:57 pm

      Oh the woes of spray adhesive. I had quite a problem with mine getting everywhere and on my hands. :/ I am SO wearing gloves next time! But anyway, it wasn’t foggy on the cup because I used so much glitter. I just kept respraying the already glittered parts and adding more until I was happy with the thickness and color. The only foggy part for me was around the rim of the cup. I accidentally got some adhesive around the rubber banding at the top on one of them. Luckily its not really noticeable since it’s right where the two layers screw together. Did you put yours up on your blog? I’m gonna go check and see! I would love to see the finished product.

      Marie H.

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