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Hello all! Today I just wanted to share my DIY/ Project to do list! I’m sure all of you can relate to this. Ever since Pinterest came into my life, my project to do list has grown exponentially! This year I’ve made a promise to myself that I will make sure and actually do a lot of the wonderful projects that I’ve pinned.  As I’m sure you’re aware of, this is usually much easier said than done. But hey, no ones perfect.

I would love to see everyone’s to do lists. If you decide to write a similar post I would love to hear about it. Make sure and send me a link in the comments so I can read it! :)

Note: These aren’t in order because I simply can’t decide which one I like better!

Binder Money System

I’ve heard from several people who have tried this binder system that they love it! I think that it would be a huge money saver for me because like many, I hate parting with my cold hard cash. It’s so much more therapeutic to swipe a card! When you swipe a card it’s easy to trick the back of your mind into thinking it wasn’t real money that you just spent. Physically handing the money over makes me want to spend a whole lot less. I’m hoping this system will keep me organized and save me a little money every month.

Binder Money System

Jonathan Adler Inspired Vases

So I just about fainted when I stumbled across this genius DIY project over on Hi Sugarplum! I’m so in love with Jonathan Adler’s pottery and when I found a project to recreate his work, obviously I got super excited.  These vases are super easy and super inexpensive to make!

DIY Jonathan Adler Vases

 Pom Pom Bookmarks

These are adorable and would make great gifts! My family members are huge readers so these cuties will go over quite well come Christmas time.

Fish Scale Art Piece

I’ve had this huge project on my to do list for some time. I’ve been planning on making it as a gift since last year and still haven’t gotten around to it! I WILL MAKE THIS this year even if it kills me trying. It’s so easy and makes such a huge statement so naturally I’m in love.

Mini Mounted Menagerie

I started this project a couple of weeks ago and haven’t gotten around to finishing it. I’m still in search of a practical way to cut the animals in half. These guys are pretty stubborn let me just tell you. I got the elephant and giraffe cut in half and then got discouraged. I need to pick it back up and finish it because I love what the finished result looks like.

There are so many more projects in my creative cross hairs but these are the ones I’m planning to focus on first! Be sure and share your own DIY to do list and link below!


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5 Thoughts on “DIY To Do List

  1. What a great round up of project ideas…thanks so much for including mine!!

  2. great ideas! Love the money binder..I need to get one of those for my projects!

    Can’t wait to see the big gold wall piece…I saw that on pinterest and thought it was super cool!

    • Hey Katie! I know I love how big of a statement it makes! I can’t wait to start on it. It’s definitely been on my to do list for sometime now!

      Marie H.

  3. Oh good I’m so glad to have provided some good inspiration! Ill be excited to see how they look when they’re finished! Be sure and share!

    Marie H.

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