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Fall is hands down my favorite season. There are so many fun parties, holiday events, and seasonal activities to keep me busy and in the holiday spirit! Nothing makes me happier than pulling on a pair of riding boots, bundling up in a sweater, grabbing a bottle of wine, and heading out to a fun get together with friends!

I love hosting little get togethers just as much as I enjoy attending them! Below is my go to collection of easy party food that I love making for my own parties, or bringing along with me when I am attending as a guest.

The Perfect Fall Cheese Board

If you need to know one thing about me and my eating habits, know that I am beyond obsessed with cheese boards. I can’t get enough of the beautiful bounty that is nuts, cheese, fruits, and meats – all on one platter. A cheese board is easy to prepare and can make an impressive statement when done correctly. Honestly Yum shares her method to creating the perfect fall cheese board over on her gorgeous food blog. Honestly? Yum!

Easy Party Food Ideas {Brie Crescent Rolls} | Progression By Design

via Dancing Branflakes

Brie and Apple Crescent Rolls

Crescent rolls are positively scrumptious by themselves. Add in some gooey brie, crisp granny smith apples, and a pecan and you have yourself a delicious fall snack! Easy party appetizers like these brie crescent rolls are a snap to make and serve, and can be prepared ahead of time!

Easy Party Food Ideas {Farmers Market Veggie Bruschetta} | Progression By Design

via The Cafe Sucre Farine

Farmer’s Market Feta Bruschetta

This colorful mixture of seasonal veggies looks absolutely delicious! The great thing about this easy party appetizer is that it can be made a day or two ahead of time and served with crunchy crostini or pita chips!

Easy Party Food Ideas {Caramelized Onion Tart With Apples} | Progression By Design

via Real Simple

Caramelized Onion Tart With Apples

This savory tart is impressive, and (believe it or not) super easy. Like Marie is actually in the kitchen easy, which is saying a lot. Use fresh dough (but who really has time for that) or frozen puff pastry and make an impressive statement with your “fancy” party appetizer. I basically want to take the entire thing down myself whenever I make one, but I guess other people need to eat too…. Fine.

Easy Party Food Grilled Cheese With Chutney

via Real Simple

Grilled Cheese Squares With Fruit Chutney

This unique spin on the classic grilled cheese is an easy way to elevate a simple crowd favorite! Grilled cheese anything is great in my book, especially when I can use I can get away with bringing it to a party!

I hope that ya’ll enjoy these appetizer recipes this fall! I know that I sure will. If you decide that you want to make an easy dessert instead of a savory starter, check out my collection of No Bake Dessert Recipes to Impress.

Do you have a go to party appetizer that you love to make? I would love to know! 



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