Fabric Headboards: DIY vs. Professional

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I have seen so many great projects lately around the web featuring DIY custom upholstered headboards. These look great, and can be made very cheaply depending on the supplies used. Likewise, I have seen some stunning professional headboards floating around. This upholstered headboard trend has come back with a bang! Don’t get me wrong, they’ve been around for years. However I’m starting to see more and more head boards covered in a bright, bold print instead of a standard tufted neutral.

Here are some gorgeous headboards covered in bright bold pattern. Please don’t lick the computer screen although I know it will be tempting. Your gonna  have to Windex it later and I’m sure you don’t need another thing added to your to do list.

Professional Headboards:

I believe that I’m a prep at heart and I can’t help obsessing over this bedroom. SOOOOO CUTE! And clearly the headboard is a stunning focal point. I’m loving the pattern and the pink piping. Its very Lily Pulitzer so I of course love it.

Preppy Upholstered Head Board
Anne Hepfer


I love this orange and pink paisley pattern. It looks stunning with the wall sconce next to the bed! I’m loving the bold colors and pattern found in the furniture pieces and accessories of the two images. Both use white neutral walls paired with bold color in the other components of the room.

Custom Pink Head Board
Mona Ross Berman


I’m in love with the white buttons and piping on this bold orange headboard. I also really like the shape!

Custom Orange Head Board

I had to throw a pretty white one in there, and this definitely fits the description. I would be scared to even walk into this room for fear I would mess something up. That being said, I think this a perfect room for a young child! HA! It would be ruined in about 20 minutes.

All White Bedroom

DIY Headboards:

Onto the DIY’s! I have seen so many good ones to use as tutorials! I wish I could make one of my own because I definitely would if I had the right bed frame. I have a low Ikea platform bed with no box springs. I would love a larger, taller bed, but I feel like it would make my room appear much smaller. I digress – back to the DIY’s!

This is my favorite that I’ve seen so far. I LOVE the shape and fabric choice. It looks like it was a professionally made headboard! Great job Kristin! See her comprehensive tutorial over on The Hunted Interior.


I love the color and the velvet! It looks stunning and of very high quality! See the original source here and the detailed tutorial here.

DIY Blue Tufted Headboard


This one is really unique! It covers a huge part of the wall instead of a normal sized headboard! It really reminds me of Serena Van Der Woodsen’s headboard wall from Gossip Girl (good show, watch it!) except more vertical than horizontal. Find the tutorial over at House of Fifty. 



This one has a simple shape and color, but I still think it looks great. This is a good option if you’re not a hardcore DIYer  and want to dip your toes in a bit before jumping into the ocean of detailed projects. Find the project over on Thrifty and Chic.


So basically I love all of these headboards, professionally done or not. I need to look into getting a bed that would work with one of these, because I’m in love with all of them!



  • Reply Katie@mydiyhabits June 19, 2013 at 11:01 am

    Funny you should post on this right now since I have been so perplexed on my future DIY headboard!!! I just cannot decide on a fabric color for my grey and emerald room! I think you popped by my malm hack post…any thoughts on color for the headboard? You have great taste and of course I’ll give you street cred for you thoughts :)…

    • Reply Marie H. June 19, 2013 at 1:38 pm

      Thanks Katie I appreciate it 🙂 I was thinking maybe a bold (but not suuuper bold) black and white pattern for the headboard. I think it would look great against the grey walls and with the colorful night stands. The white would pick up the white hotel bedding and look great!
      Another idea I was thinking about was maybe a bold yellow. Again, not blinding yellow or something, but yellow enough to really pop against the white, green, and grey. If you’re not a yellow fan then maybe go with another color, but I am really liking the black and white or the yellow!
      Side note: If you’re looking for some great hotel style linens, Tuesday Morning almost always has great stuff in that category. Peacock alley is a great brand. If you don’t want to fool with Tuesday morning you could even just google Peacock Alley Discount!

      Hope I helped Katie!!

      Marie H.

      • Reply Katie@mydiyhabits June 19, 2013 at 6:27 pm

        Thanks so much for your advice! Yes, I like the bold white and black idea…seriously thanks so much. I wasn’t even thinking a pattern but now it’s like…aha that’s the golden ticket!!
        and I will hit up both Tuesday Morning and Peacock Alley….love the tips!


        • Reply Marie Huang June 20, 2013 at 1:24 am

          Good!! I’m really glad that you liked the idea! That will look stunning once everything is all completed! But yeah go check them out I’ve gotten some bedding from that brand before and I really liked it a lot.

          Marie H.

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