February Play List

The February Playlist | Progression By Design

Music is the soundtrack to my life. Without it, all of those super exciting happy moments, average everyday moments, and gut wrenchingly sad moments just wouldn’t be the same. I think of my music collection like well, a collection. Finding a new song that I love is like getting my hands on a rare trading card that has been missing from my album. Freaking amazing! When it comes to my musical preferences, I would definitely consider myself well rounded. Country, check. Hip hop, check. House Music, check. It is rare for me to find a genre that I truly dislike. With that being said, my monthly playlists may vary quite a bit in genre. It may not be for everyone, but hey, maybe you will find another trading card to add to your collection!


I hope you enjoyed all of my favorite music picks from February! Let me know what you think in the comments below! Happy listening everyone and cheers to a new month!



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