Five Apps That I Can’t Live Without

Five Apps I Can't Live Without

I love learning about all of the different app options out there! With new ones created almost daily, there really is an app for every need in your life! However with that being said, I try to keep my phone uncluttered. I stick to the basic necessities that I use on a daily basis.


Poshmark Shopping App Poshmark is a free shopping app that allows you to list and sell your gently used clothing items just sitting around in your closet. You can  browse and purchase   from other people’s closets and share listings that you love with your friends! I love to just lay  in bed and browse all of the wonderful finds on this app. I have added so many great brands to my closet from  Poshmark such as Kate Spade, Tory Burch, and J Crew. Fair warning though, Poshmark can get super addicting.


Meal Board App

 Recently I have been making a significant effort to turn my eating and exercise habits around. Meal Board is amazing  because it allows you to plug your everyday snacks and recipes into the app and create your meal plan for the week.  After you create the meal plan, Meal Board generates a shopping list straight from your meal plan!



Pic Stitch Photo Editing AppWhen I first heard about Pic Stitch I wasn’t too interested. I thought that it was just a picture collage maker like the name insinuates. At the time, I already had an app that did that so I didn’t give this much thought. However, when I saw some the photos that my friend Alex had edited on her phone a couple of weeks ago, I was curious as to what app she used. She used Pic Stitch! I was blown away when I actually tried it myself. Pic Stitch simplifies the editing process in a way that other photo editing apps didn’t.


7 Minute Workout App Sometimes I feel like I am the laziest person alive. I’m very inconsistent with my workouts and find it hard to stick  to  a fitness regime. This app is amazing for people like me! It encourages quick (7 minute) daily workouts that can  be  done anywhere! 7 Minute Workout tracks your progress and statistics making it easy to see the results!  The  easy  user interface makes working out and tracking a quick simple process that is easy to maintain daily.


Expense Tracker App I’ve been having some money spending issues of late, so this powerful, easy to use, budget tracking application is a  new personal essential. I am still learning the ropes, but this budget tracker organizes all of your spending habits in  an easy to analyze ball of data. I can’t wait to use this app longer so I can really observe my spending habits over a period of time.

I hope you find some new favorites to add to your collection!

What are your application essentials that you can’t live without? I would love to discover some new ones. Comment Below!



  • Reply Kristan at Lavender & Light February 2, 2014 at 1:08 am

    I found your blog through Pinterest and have been reading through it, I love it! Just wanted to stop and say hi, you have great tips and tricks!

    • Reply Marie Huang February 4, 2014 at 12:17 pm

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m glad that you like it and find my content helpful and inspiring!!

      Marie H.

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