Five Must Read Books for Millenials


Five Must Read Books for Millenials | Progression By Design

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I have been a reader since birth (basically), and picking favorite books doesn’t come easily for me! I recently finished Awake the Giant Within, and it seriously changed my entire way of thinking. How could I not share that with y’all?! This amazing book got me thinking about the other amazing books that I have read, so I decided to share with you the five must read books for Millenials just like me!

DatingScrew Cupid by Sam Scholfield – I have never been a fan of dating books, but this lady has got it going on. Sam has a full proof way to get the guys that you want! I am all for confidence, and she teaches you great ways to approach men in different situations without looking like a complete weirdo. Seriously just trust me, this book is amazing.

Work: Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht – This book is so amazing! Leave Your Mark is basically a mentorship in book form! Licht provides the amazing tips, advice, and personal experiences that you need to land the job of your dreams, improve your current job situation, or create your own dream job. This book has been such a valuable asset in my own personal growth.

Entertaining: Colin Cowie Chic by Colin Cowie – I discovered this book at the Strand bookstore in New York, and boy was I glad that I did! Consider this the ultimate manual to perfecting and polishing your life. Cowie gives you excellent tips for entertaining and hosting parties, managing your home, and improving the little details in your life. I’m pretty sure that this guy puts Martha Stewart to shame with his organizing, hosting, and managing tips. Such a great resource!

Kick A** : Awake the Giant Within by Tony Robbins – I am not typically interested in self improvement books, but this book changed my entire way of thinking. Robbins gives you the tools that you need to make a commitment to yourself and to “constant and never ending improvement.” This skill can be applied to any facet of your life be it financially, physically, or emotionally. He doesn’t just give you quick words of advice and send you on your way, he gives you actual scientific steps to train your brain and change your life!

Decorating: Elements of Style by Erin Gates- I have so many interior design books that I love, but Elements of Style is one of my favorites. Gates breaks down a lot of the rooms piece by piece, making it easier to understand the design process. This book is a constant source of inspiration and information for me!

Happy reading everyone! What are your favorite books that have inspired you? 



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