Preppy Fleece Frat Pullovers

Preppy fleece frat pullover from Southern Proper | Progression By Design


I am all about lounging in style as the next person, but sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my head around paying anywhere from $60 to $150 and up for a simple pullover. I have gone back and forth about whether or not the money is worth it, but ended up caving and purchasing a Southern Proper All Prep Pullover anyway. I love my jacket don’t get me wrong, but sometimes its hard not to think of that money that I spent as half of a pair of Kate Spade heels or another luxury item. This personal dilemma is why I am asking yall’s opinion on the matter. Is spending that much money on a frat pullover or glorified sweatshirt worth it? I honestly don’t know, but I sure do know that I want all of them! hehe

Here are some of my favorite picks of the moment!

Frat Pullover: Overdone or Amazing? | Progression By Design


Southern Shirt Company, $60 (above)

Frat Pullovers: Overdone or Amazing?

 Vineyard Vines, (sold out at the moment)

Frat Pullovers: Overdone or Amazing? | Progression By Design

Southern Proper, $125 (above)

Comfortable, check. Cute, check. Overpriced, yes. Worth it? Probably. Let me know what you think! What pullovers have you had your eye on this winter? Comment below!



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