Friday Reading: 10/24/14



1. I am absolutely loving midi skirts for fall right now, especially  this floral one and this emerald green one!

2. Have your read my post about loving yourself yet?

3. Read this article about Why 20-Something Women Need to Stop Thinking Like 30-Something Women! I totally agree with this and need to heed this advice myself!

4. Go whiten your teeth by holding hydrogen peroxide in your mouth for five minutes! It really works! Post to come.

5. Keeping on with this week’s trend of self love, go check out the adorable Bess Pearson and her inspiring blog post about her own journey to self love and appreciation!

6. Go organize your gift wrap or something productive! The holidays are coming!! <3

7.  Don’t miss Tory Burch’s private sale going on right now! Who can beat up to 70% off?

8. Keep your eyes peeled for my living room mood board, live on the blog tomorrow!

9. Which console table do you like better? This one, or this one? Clearly I have been loving chrome lately. Let me know in the comments. I am so torn!

10. I am border line obsessed with this rain boot umbrella stand. MUST HAVE.

Happy Reading, and more importantly Happy Friday!



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