Guilty Pleasures: Chick Flicks

I know that there is nothing wrong with a good chick flick and a glass of white wine, but some chick flicks are almost just too corny to handle. But that’s okay! Everyone has their guilty pleasures. You may think mine is terrible, I may think yours is a bit corn ball… but that’s the beauty of them! Everyone has their favorites!

Thus I present to you, my top ten  chick flick movies! (In no particular order) Also, side note- these are not my all time favorite movies. I will make a separate list for those later. These are strictly my fave chick flicks.

1. First Wives Club

Okay, this is a classic in my opinion. A super unrealistic female empowerment movie. Aka, the best kind of movie. I just finished watching this ten minutes before I wrote this -thus the inspiration for this post was born. You’ve got to love Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn as young middle aged beauties. And of course the cliche girl sing along to “You Don’t Own Me” at the end of the movie. I love it.

2. Father of the Bride  (One and Two)

I’m counting both of these as one because I love them so much. I have no idea why. The cornball factor in these movies is through the roof. However I grew up watching them, and they will always have a place in my heart.


3. Bridesmaids

I’m pretty sure that this is the funniest movie that I’ve seen in forever. That’s really saying something because it takes ALOT for me to laugh out loud during a movie. This one does the trick every time! I never get tired of this movie!



4. A Walk to Remember

Seriously this movie moves me to tears EVERY SINGLE TIME. Not just small glistening tears. I mean ugly cry tears. But that’s a good thing, as it is a sign of a good movie. But if you haven’t seen this movie, then you should! It needs to be in the chick flick hall of fame along side The Notebook and Titanic.


5. Thelma and Louise

This old school classic is one of my favorite movies. I love the story and I love the ending. It captures the essence of the bond between two amazing women in a truly inspiring way. I need to find my Thelma and Louise friendship!



6. A Lot Like Love

A Lot Like Love was one of my favorite movies for a very long time. I think it might even still make that short list now. I always love Rom Coms that take place over a long period of time. I usually prefer them to the whirlwind love affair that seems to happen so often in movies these days. Yeah that’s great and all, but for us down here actually living in the real world, an alternative to these over done plot lines is quite refreshing.

A Lot Like Love


7. Love and Other Drugs

This movie took me by surprise. I was expecting something completely different when I first watched it. It was unexpected, and great! I highly recommend this movie if you haven’t seen it. Even my boyfriend loved it, and that’s saying a lot!


8. Bring it On

Yes I know this isn’t a life changing movie. But for twelve/thirteen year old me, it most certainly was. I will love this movie until the day that I die I’m pretty sure. However, I don’t never support any of the sequels though because clearly they suck. Oddly enough, I just now bought the DVD of this movie yesterday. Literally. It was about  time let me just say that.

Bring It On

 9. Sixteen Candles

Sixteen Candles was a John Hughes classic. It was a struggle between this and The Breakfast Club. Sixteen Candles won for my chick flick list and Breakfast Club is going on my all time favorites list. I have a woman crush on young Molly Ringwald! And so does Jake. I love this scene and at sixteen was extremely jealous of the fortunate outcome to her birthday. Hello dream guy where is my cake? I’ve been sitting on my dining room table waiting for a while now…


10. The Vow

I feel like this list was somewhat of a cliche chick flick list. Adding The Vow doesn’t really help counter that I suppose. But this movie was really unique, passionate, and heart wrenching. Plus Channing Tatum is just hot. So therefore, it’s on the list.  Like the title suggests, those wedding vows are stunning. I hope my husband writes his vows on that level (he better start now.)



Ah there were so many other movies that I wanted to put on this list but I figured top 25 chick flicks would be a little tedious for you to read. So for now, these are some good movie options. These are all really great movies so if you haven’t seen one of them yet, be sure and check it out! What are your three favorite chick flick movies? Let me know in the comments!! Signature

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