Hats Off to Me

Speaking of hats off, I spent all day making some CSS changes to my blog, and I must say… I think it looks fantastic in comparison to the way that it was before. So in that aspect, hats off to me. Mostly because CSS is like learning Chinese to me. But anyway, on to the real topic.


Hats. I apparently used to love them when I was little. All the moms were jealous of my mom because her well mannered baby (me) left them on, while their children apparently took them off immediately. But somewhere around the age of eight I began to lose my love for hats. However, recently, I have taken to them again and am quite smitten with my hat collection thus far. It mostly consists of cloche hats at the moment, but I have quite a few on my (extremely varied) shopping list:

Hat Wishlist

Corduroy Navy Cap | Tartan Cap | Vineyard Vines Cap | Bow Cap | Black Beret | Grey Beret | Black Jeweled Beanie | Black Cloche Hat

Note: Both the tartan baseball cap and the corduroy cap are sold out at Southern Proper. I am still linking them in case they restock soon. Try googling them and see if any other retailers have restocked them.



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