How to Choose a Paint Color

How to Choose a Paint Color | Progression By Design

I, like many out there, used to be afraid of color. I  was constantly drawn to bright, vibrant interiors yet I couldn’t bring myself to use it in my own space. For a while I was very into the Z Gallerie look: typically monochromatic and sleek. I loved the look of Z Gallerie’s interior examples, but after essentially living in one for a while I felt that it wasn’t quite “me” enough. It was then that I turned to color with a warm embrace, a look of sheer terror on my face… but a warm embrace never the less. Baby steps.

Here are some great interior design tips and tricks that  I feel will really help out all of you other color-phobes!

1. Choose Your Wall Color Last

When designing a room, choose the wall color last. This helps to alleviate some of the stress behind picking the perfect color. If you paint the walls first, you may end up finding an amazing pillow or accessory that you love that just doesn’t seem to work with your initial wall color. Let the design of the room dictate the perfect color. This may open up color possibilities that you might not have ever considered before!

Orange Bathroom

 2. Use a Neutral Wall Color As a Base

If you’re still nervous about choosing a wall color, then don’t! Go neutral. By keeping your walls neutral you are giving yourself the freedom to accent with any color. And guess what? If you get tired of that color, then choose a DIFFERENT accent color.

Glam Living Room | Progression By Design
Style at Home


Pop Of Yellow Interior
Style at Home

 3. Go Monochromatic

If picking accent colors scares you, then alleviate the problem all together by going monochromatic! Use varying shades and textures in the same hue to tell your color story. Then if you begin to feel more comfortable, add in an accent color.

Navy Living Room

4. Draw Inspiration From Your Closet

Unsure of where to begin in your color selection process? Head over to your closet and see where your true color preferences lie. Maybe your wardrobe needs a little more blue, or maybe you rely too much on neutrals… See if any color/lack thereof catches your eye!

5. Take the Room Into Consideration

Let the room itself help you decide on a color. If the room is on the smaller side, stick to cool hues such as blue, purple, or green. These cool colors push the walls outward and make the room appear largerLikewise, if you are trying to minimize a room and kick up the cozy factor, then go with a warmer hue like red.

Elegant Yellow Living Room



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