How to Enlarge a Space

How To Enlarge Your Space (Expert Tips and Tricks) | Progression By Design

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As an apartment dweller, I am constantly looking for nifty ways to make the space that I live in feel larger. No one wants to feel crammed into their space! I love using these interior design tips and tricks to enlarge the feel of my space.

  • Hang Floor to Ceiling Curtains
  • Utilize Mirrors
  • Pay Mind to Your Color Palette
  • Cut the Clutter
  • Hang Oversized Art

Hang Floor to Ceiling Curtains

Always hanging curtains at ceiling height is one of my tried and true design practices. Hanging your curtains at ceiling height brings the eye upwards and creates the illusion of a taller room. Likewise, hanging your curtains just above the window can make the space feel compressed and much smaller than it really is. Additionally, hang each panel wider than the actual window leaving an inch or so of window overlap. This fools the eye into thinking that the window extends much further than it really does. Bigger windows = Bigger looking rooms.

How To Enlarge a Space| (Hang your curtains at ceiling height} Progression By Design

Utilize Mirrors

Mirrors reflect the space around them (thank you Captain Obvious) and make the space appear much larger than it really is. They trick the eye into thinking that the room extends much further (or higher) than it does. In a addition to enlarging the feel of a room, mirrors provide an expensive looking design element to any space.

[ctt title=”Mirrors fool the eye into thinking that the room is much larger than it really is. ” tweet=”Mirrors fool the eye into thinking that the room is much larger than it really is. via @marie_PBD” coverup=”3kgq3″]

How To Enlarge a Space {Utilize Mirrors} | Progression By Design

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This mirrored wall arrangement above the bed serves as a focal art piece, while simultaneously enlarging the feel of the room. Plus, let’s be real. The floor to ceiling curtains and luxurious white hotel bedding are doing their fair share to make the space look bigger as well.

How To Enlarge a Space {Utilize Mirrors} | Progression By Design

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Choose the Right Color

Balance the distribution of color throughout the room. Over saturating a room with patterns and colors will confine the space and make it appear smaller. Traditionally lighter colors will open up a room and darker colors will enclose it.

Cut the Clutter

Getting rid of that extra junk hanging out on the bookcase or on the living room table will really help to make the space feel bigger. Less visual clutter lets the eye wander farther, which in turn makes the room appear larger. Pair this extra organization with the tips mentioned above, and I guarantee your room will feel bigger.

How To Enlarge a Space {Hang Oversized Art} | Progression By Design

Oversized Art

While this may sound counter intuitive, hanging an oversized art piece in a room will make it appear larger. Scale and proportion are extremely important elements when it comes to interior design. A large art piece brings your eye up and out for maximum impact in the room.



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