How To Grow Your Blog With Pinterest

How To Grow Your Blog With Pinterest (double your traffic with these proven Pinterest strategies) at Progression By Design

Pinterest, when used correctly, can be an extremely powerful tool that will significantly grow your blog traffic. Pinterest is Progression By Design’s number one source of traffic and extremely valuable to my blog. With this artfully crafted post (shameless self promotion) I am going to teach you how to successfully utilize Pinterest and its traffic producing capabilities and drive some major traffic to your much deserving blog.

You will learn to:

  • Understand the way that Pinterest works, helping you to “work”
    the system
  • Gain more followers while promoting your own content
  • Create boards that will not only attract more followers, but give you more places to pin your own content
  • Facilitate more activity on your Pinterest page by making some minor cosmetic changes
  • Utilize the power of group boards
  • Know the best times to pin your content, resulting in a higher number of pins

Boom! That’s a lot of stuff to cover so let’s get to it.

DotThe Basics: Understanding How Pinterest Works

When Pinterest updated its algorithm and adopted their “smart feed” last year, the way that pins are promoted on the main feed significantly changed. Now, Pinterest takes two main components into consideration: the pin’s quality, and the source’s quality.

  • Pin Quality

The higher quality the image is in Pinterest’s eyes, the higher up on the smart feed it will be. In addition to it’s prime placement, the image will remain there longer as long as the pin continues to remain active (i.e. getting re-pins, comments, and likes). What is a high quality pin you may ask?

  • Larger images– Larger pictures not only look prettier, but they take up more space, drawing more attention to  your pin. Try to create blog post images that are at least 600 px wide and as tall as possible.
  • Good descriptions– Images can’t be searched for by content yet so make sure to use topic related key words in your description. Spark the reader’s interest! Ask a question that will get their attention. However, be careful not to load down your pin with hashtags and superfluous key words. No one wants to see that.
  • Strong Interactions– The more comments, likes, and re-pins your images receive, the longer that they will remain on the live feed. In addition to benefiting your feed exposure, pins with strong interactions will also be more likely to show up in the “related pins” drop down area under every pin. This drastically increases your exposure and will result in an increased number of re-pins.
  • Source Quality

The more that content is re-pinned from your website, the more that Pinterest likes each pin that you are pinning. Think about your website as someone that is vouching for you to Pinterest.

Your Website: “Strong quality images and content, hard worker, everyone totally loves her.”

Pinterest: “Duly noted. People like her.”

You: “Well obviously, I could have told you that.”

DotMore Activity = More Followers

The number one thing that has gotten me the amount of followers that I have is remaining active. Pinterest rewards users that are constantly pinning images and valuable content. Yes, you want your content to gain exposure and get re-pinned, but that’s not going to happen unless you are actively re-pinning other people’s content.

How does re-pinning other people’s content get me followers? 

Pinterest is unique. Unlike other social media platforms, direct user to user interaction is not common. The likelihood of someone following you just because you re-pinned their image is slim to none. However, the more active you are the more Pinterest will feature your content in related posts and related boards.

Why do I want more followers?

The more followers you have, the more re-pins the content you are pinning will receive. More pins = more people clicking through to your blog, thus increasing your traffic.

Well if I can’t just pin my own content, what content should I pin? 

Think of yourself as a quality content curator (say that three times fast). You basically want to be known for having the best collection of helpful or inspiring content, pictures, and info. For example, I am on Pinterest looking for study tips. I find your “College” board when it pops up on my search (I found your board because Pinterest rewarded you for having hundreds of pins on that board and featured it in the search). I, like many, am ADD and begin re-pinning some of your college “going to class” outfit photos from your fashion blog in addition to the study tips that I was originally looking for. I liked your board (you have good taste), and begin perusing around your other ones.

Just like that, you promoted other people’s content by pinning it, helped yourself out by subsequently getting featured in the search, and ended up getting your own content re-pinned in the process. Bottom Line: Pin content that is relate able to your own. It doesn’t have to be as direct as you think. Get creative, but more importantly relax. Yes you are doing this to further your blog, but it should be stuff that you are truly interested in, like, and want to read.

DotCreating the Right Boards

As I mentioned above, it is important that you are pinning content that fits not only your blog, but other interests that your followers may have in addition to your blog. This is the number one thing to keep in mind when you are creating your Pinterest boards.

I have a wide variety of interests but some of my most popular boards are College, Spring/Summer Fashion, Fall Fashion, Summer time, and Blair Waldorf. While my blog content doesn’t apply to some of these boards directly, creating and growing their following with strong content benefits me in two ways:

  1. I have more than one place to pin my own content that DOES apply to these various boards instead of just my “Progression By Design” board for instance.
  2. I have more sources for Pinterest users to drop into my Pinterest page from. The more you are active and pin, the more that your name and pins will appear in various places around Pinterest. Utilize this.

Tip: Make a list of every topic that you can think of that your readers may be interested in in relation to your blog. Choose a few of them and create a Pinterest board. Start actively seeking strong content and growing your following on these boards!

DotThe Power of Pinterest Group Boards

While you shouldn’t rely on group boards to promote your content, they can be a very helpful tool in doing so. Group boards, if you don’t already know, are a collaborative type of Pinterest board that allows multiple users to pin their own content. This can expose your blog’s content to a wide variety of users, increasing your chances for followers and more blog traffic. I am a member of several group boards including interior design boards, fashion, cooking, and DIY’s. While I can’t pin all of my content to all of the boards, I can pick and choose what topics best fit each board and its respective followers.

How do I join a group board?

Sometimes this can get tricky if the creator of the board doesn’t post clear instructions as to how to join in the board’s description. The person that created the board is the first member listed underneath the description. Usually people will provide instructions as to how to join, but if not, try messaging the board’s creator.

DotOptimizing Your Pinterest Page to Gain Followers

With a few minor changes, you can optimize your Pinterest page to gain more followers.

  1. Re-Organize the physical order of your boards. Place the boards that you are focusing on building higher up on your page, and your blog’s specific board first.
  2. Go through and delete any pins that were placed on the wrong board.
  3. Pick a board cover that is bright, clean, and not too visually busy. You want all of the covers to look good together as a whole picture.
  4. Write strong board descriptions with related key words.
  5. Separate any boards that need to be broken down. For example, I used to have just one large fashion board, but I recently split it up into two boards: Spring/Summer Fashion, and Fall/Winter Fashion. Note: Be careful when deleting boards all together. I lost about a hundred followers when I started deleting boards. This happens when people only follow specific boards and not you as a whole. Your follower count is still increased when they do this even though they are only following one or two of your boards.
  6. Update your profile description. Again, describe yourself accurately but try and fit in some key words that you are trying to show up in a search for.

DotLearn the Best Times to Pin

And finally, last but not least, learn the optimal times to pin your content. Think about who your readers and target audience are. Are they moms that eat lunch at home? Lunchtime, or after their child’s bed time might be a good time to pin. Are they students? Are they 9-5 career women? When you learn the times that your followers are most active, you dramatically increase your content’s chances of getting re-pinned! Experiment and find the best times that your blog’s followers are active!


Utilize these tips, tricks, and strategies to grow your Pinterest following and dramtically increase your blog’s traffic. Focus on frequently pinning quality content that relates to your blog and your readers’ interests!

Let me know in the comments if you have any specific questions or additional tips! Get pinning ladies!




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