How to Make Your First Apartment Look Expensive

Make Your Apartment Look Expensive | Progression By DesignThis is a continuation from my first post, How To Make Your Home Look Expensive. In addition to reading this post, I highly encourage you to head over there and read it! There are a ton of interior design tips and tricks that will really make a difference in making your first apartment or space look expensive and pulled together.

As my college friends are getting older, a lot of them are making the transition from dorm living into their first apartment. This was an amazing process for myself, but I definitely have some regrets. I now have a lot of furniture pieces that don’t really make a cohesive statement and fail to give off the expensive look that I would love my apartment to have.

Purchase With Purpose

My number one mistake when purchasing my first furniture pieces was not following an original plan. I haphazardly purchased on a whim with only a vague picture of the end result that I wanted. If you are serious about having a well designed, expensive looking apartment, I do not recommend this! When you purchase with a purpose, you avoid ending up with a collection of furniture pieces and accessories that kind of work together but don’t look too great. Have an initial plan to follow, think it out! My favorite thing to do when I am thinking about redesigning my apartment is to make a mood board. This allows me to visually plan the look and feel that I want my apartment to have. Utilize Houzz or Pinterest and collect some ideas and styles that speak to you!

{Purchase With a Purpose} How to Make Your Apartment Look Expensive | Progression By Design


 Invest in Anchor Pieces

I, like many young adults my age, cannot afford to casually walk into Z Gallerie or Restoration Hardware and pick out a whole set of living room furniture. This being said, Ikea became my best friend. They have some killer pieces that really make a statement for a low price! However, if at all possible, avoid spending all of your money at Ikea, or one store for that mater. Doing so tends to create a flat, unexciting feel to the space. Create variety and get creative! Expensive homes often look curated and purposeful! Not only will more expensive pieces last longer, but they will look better as well!

{Invest in the Basics} How to Make Your Apartment Look Expensive | Progression By Design

 Don’t Skimp on the Details

Finishing details are almost as important as the furniture when making your apartment look expensive. Unique boxes, vases of flowers, and interesting art are all necessary components to a well designed house or space. Plus, buying fun little items is the best part! The most important thing to remember when selecting the art and accessories for your apartment, is to have a reason for selecting it. This goes back to the first point that I made about purchasing with a purpose. Surround yourself with the things that you truly LOVE. Yes design is important, but when you live with the things that make you happy, it makes all of the difference! Don’t go crazy, but loosen the design reigns a little and experiment!

{Don't Skimp on the Details} How to Make Your Apartment Look Expensive | Progression By Design

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  • Reply Drea April 24, 2015 at 1:27 pm

    great tips. Especially THE big mirror

  • Reply Angel June 18, 2015 at 7:17 pm

    love this! Thank you for your post it helps a lot. I was about to buy little things here and there but after reading this I know now it’s smarter to do otherwise. 😉

    • Reply Marie Huang June 19, 2015 at 1:42 am

      It definitely FEELS easier to buy things as you go, but in the long run it definitely is better to come up with a solid plan first! It will end up saving you so much money. I’m glad to have helped you out!


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