Interior Design: The Essentials


Interior Design: The Essentials | Progression By Design

When I first started Progression By Design, I mainly wanted to focus on interior design. As my blog grew and my interests shifted a bit, I began to focus more and more on fashion. I want my blog to be a happy marriage between my two interests, as fashion and interior design already coincide so well with one another!

Expect more interior posts again as I begin the long journey of designing my first apartment that I have lived in alone! I am already well on my way, with many pieces to purchase ahead of me. Follow along as I share my design process with you!

Here are some of my favorite interior design posts that I have written in the past to tide you over in the mean time!



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Happy Styling! And make sure to check back for more interior design tips and tricks! Expect a living room mood board up sometime this weekend!



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