Jewelry Storage Solutions

DIY Jewelry Storage

Like many women I love jewelry. And shoes. And bags. The problem is, not everyone has a giant master walk in closet to store all of these lovely accessories. Today I wanted to focus on several jewelry storage solutions. I’ve been trying to figure out a creative way to store my necklaces in a pretty, yet functional manner. Luckily my earring storage is covered. I splurged and bought myself a GORGEOUS mirrored jewelry box from Crate and Barrel last Christmas when ahem, I was supposed to be buying things for other people. Oh well.

Here are some of my favorite jewelry storage solutions that I’ve come across and liked! Be sure and let me know your favorite in the comments below!

Jewelry Storage Using a Cloche

Okay if you’ve read some of my other posts like Creativity With Decorative Accessories, you will know that I am a cloche lover. I think there should be some kind of club or secret society focused solely on the purchase and implementation of cloches. Yes, to some that may sound a bit excessive, but to me it sounds just right.

I love the simplicity and elegance of this bracelet, ring and necklace storage. The jewelry cloches would look lovely on a vanity or mirrored dresser or table!
Jewelry Storage in Cloche (DIY Jewelry Storage Solutions) | Progression By DesignCloche Jewelry Storage (DIY Jewelry Storage Solutions) | Progression By Design
Superficial Girls

Hook Jewelry Storage

This creative way to store your necklaces is both functional and somewhat aesthetically pleasing. This would be great in a bathroom wall or on the back of a closet door! Find a pretty towel rod and use shower curtain hooks to attach your necklaces to the rod. This method keeps the necklaces separated and keeps them from tangling!

Shower Curtain Hook Necklace Holder (DIY Jewelry Storage Solutions) | Progression By Design Style Caster

 Cork Board Jewelry Storage

I love this idea because there are so many ways to spin it. You can buy a simple cork bulletin board and paint the trim, or cover the cork in a pretty fabric like in the image below. I really like how they turned the jewelry storage into a pretty gallery wall of a sorts and made it a focal point in the space.Corkboard Necklace Holder (DIY Jewelry Storage Solutions) | Progression By Design

Live, Love, DIY 

The white frame looks great resting on the dresser! You can also use a tiered tray for rings, bracelets, or earrings! I love this pretty little dresser vignette.

Jewelry Storage

Knob Jewelry Storage

This is one of my favorite methods to store necklaces in a pretty, yet functional manner. It just gives me another way to use some of those over priced beautiful knobs from Anthropologie. All you have to do is take the knobs and fasten them to a board! You could even use vintage knobs for a more affordable DIY project.

Using Decorative Knobs (DIY Jewelry Storage Solutions) | Progression By Design

Visibly Moved

Super Creative Jewelry Storage

Obviously the storage options listed above are creative, but I think these below are especially unique. Use your favorite wine or liquor bottles as a cute bracelet holder!

Jewelry Storage

This storage solution combined all of the ideas above into one awesome jewelry board! It looks so clean and orderly! I would love to have one of these in my apartment! You could literally paint this any color or cover it in any pretty wallpaper.

Leaning Jewelry Board (DIY Jewelry Storage Solutions) | Progression By Design

Better After 

DIY Jewelry Storage Solutions | Progression By Design

Good Clean Fun 

Which DIY jewelry storage method is your favorite? What do you use at home to store your jewelry? Let me know!


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    Love that Cloche idea…I’m using Ikea hooks one and love it. Down side is now my daughter can clearly see all my chunky necklaces and “HAS” to try them on at least once a day!

      Marie Huang

      Haha I can see how that might be an issue! But I love the cloches too! I had never even thought of doing that until I came across these a couple of days ago.

      Marie H.