Lacquered Wall Love

I don’t know if it’s the vibrant shine, or the dynamic energy that these shiny walls bring, but lacquered walls have really caught my eye as of late! I’m a sucker for anything patent leather or shiny, so naturally lacquered walls are on my latest apartment to do list. These unique walls don’t just add shine, they serve several additional design purposes as well!

Lacquered Wall Love | Progression By Design
House Beautiful


Lacquered walls add a glossy sheen that kicks a normal painted wall up a gear…or five. Basically this glossy look is achieved by adding an enamel coating to the wall, finished with a high gloss. While the coating may be easy, the prep work is what really makes the project shine. The walls have to be sanded to perfection, eliminating any imperfections that will immediately show when lacquered.

Lacquered Wall Love | Progression By Design
S.R. Gambrel

The grey lacquered walls add an extra element of interest  in this monochromatic dining area. The natural light bounces off the walls and brightens up the otherwise dark space in this dining room and foyer.

Lacquer Wall Love | Progression By Design
Todd Alexander Romano- Architectural Digest

The white walls serve as their own accessory in this minimally designed hallway. The lacquered walls add a polished shine that finishes off the look and adds a strong interior design element.

Lacquered Wall Love | Progression By Design

 I can’t wait to own my own home or apartment one day so that I can try out this cool technique! It’s on my to do list for sure! How do you feel about lacquered walls? Are they chic or too much? Let me know below!


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