Let’s Do This- New Years Resolutions 2014

New Years Resolutions

“The time has for change has come. A new dawn is rising. Shit’s getting real this year. I really will do it this time. I’m going to make this my best year yet.” We often tell ourselves these things at the beginning of a new year. But can you really blame us? The new year is like a blank slate. It gives us a reprieve from the failures and unfinished goals that have plagued us over the last 12 months. The new year is like someone handing you a blank journal and a pen; the words aren’t on the page yet. They remain a possibility- ready to be written.

Contrary to previous years, I’m treating 2014 as an epic year. It will be a year of immense personal growth and accomplishment for me. I have felt like I was stuck in limbo this past year, and I’m ready to change that and kick some 2014 behind.

FITNESS and finally getting the body that I want. Let me preface this by saying that I don’t think I am fat by any means. However, I am at the heaviest that I’ve ever been. The time has come for me to stop planning how I’m going to get my dream body and start actually doing it and working towards that goal. I was never a sports girl and I have never liked working out. So needless to say, I’ve never been in shape. This worked for me when I had a metabolism faster than the speed of light, but let’s just say that is no longer the case. I really want to push myself and see how fit I can really be. I owe it to myself to feel good about me and the body that I am in.

PERSEVERANCE This covers several categories such as blogging, school, and the above mentioned fitness goal. I have the potential in me to achieve great things and accomplish a lot more than I have been recently. I have so many goals and so many dreams that I so badly want for myself. This past year has really taught me that no one is going to achieve these dreams for me. I have to put my head down, work my hardest, and get shit done.

RELATIONSHIPS- I am blessed with great friends, an amazing boyfriend, and an amazing family to boot. My relationships have come so far in 2013 and have really evolved. Some relationships ended, and other flourished. After a rough patch towards the end of high school, I can proudly say that I have gotten so much closer to my parents, but especially with my dad. I want to continue into 2014 with this growth and continue to strengthen all of these relationships.

What does the new year have in store for you? What goals are you working towards?




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