Living Room in Progress

My living room has been a work of progress for over a year. I’m constantly tweaking it, adding new items, socking money away for more expensive pieces, etc. When I originally moved into my current apartment about a year ago, my style was completely different. I still like many of the same things that I did before, but I like to think that my style has developed nicely into a MIX of styles instead of falling into just one straight arrow category. I love the Z Gallerie glam look and I used to want buy only chrome, black, or white. Like I’m not kidding. If  it wasn’t that color I would spray paint it so that it fit nicely into my color family.  Umm yeah… it was time for some variety. Thinking back on this, I feel kind of odd because I’ve always LOVED color, I just didn’t really know how to implement it as well at the time so I suppose I kind of shied away from it. After I got over my Z Gallerie obsession, I came to realize that I really love bold punches of color mixed with more neutral toned contemporary modern pieces.

Style Confused

While I have progressed in many ways, I still find myself kind of style confused when designing my apartment. I love sooo many different styles and pieces that it’s sometimes hard to really put a finger on what I believe my true style is. I suppose this is normal and I will figure it out a little better in time. I’m really looking forward to being formally trained and going to school for interior design. I feel like truly studying the subject in a formal environment will help me to narrow my style down even further. Being exposed to EVERY style of design should be really helpful when it comes to finding my own.

Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More

I always talk about Emily Henderson and post her rooms.  She is a little more vintage bohemian than I am, but I still love a lot of her stuff and techniques which is why I am once again using one of her rooms as an example.

I love how many potted plants are used. I really want to have a lot of succulents scattered around my living room.  I was thinking about making a large succulent arrangement as a main focal point on my coffee table similar to this.

Emily Henderson

Here is a mood board that I created for my living room. I’m always changing my mind about what I really want the space to look like, but here are my thoughts for now.

OB-Living Room

Coffee Table- West Elm- I don’t normally go for a ton of natural wood, but I want a coffee table that’s more on the rustic side. I want to add a larger dose of Anthropology into my living room, and adding natural wood into the mix adds to this.

End Tables- Target- (unavailable now, dangit)  I love the industrial feel that these tables bring to the room. I think their leggy appearance pairs nicely with the solid looking coffee table. Since these apparently no where to be found, I will have to find some suitable replacements.

Sofa- Z Gallerie– I wanted to still keep a bit of a modern feel, and I like the clean lines of the sofa. The stainless steel legs also add a small touch.

Lamps- Z Gallerie- (already own) The chrome lamps add to the modern look and pick up the silver in the sofa legs.

Art Prints- Society 6- As soon as I stumbled across these I instantly fell in love. Society 6 has such unique art pieces for affordable prices.

Teal Pillow- Pier 1- (already own) I love the plush feel of these pillows. The color is great and they’re super comfy. I think the teal picks up some of the colors in the floral pattern nicely.

Floral Pillow- West Elm-I love this print so much! This is kind of surprising because typically I’m not a huge floral fan. But I just love the color this print brings to the room. It gives me a good base to work off of as far as finding accent colors to inject into other parts of the room.

Embroidered Dot Pillow- West Elm- The fuchsia in this embroidery compliments the colors in the floral nicely.

Ceramic Drum Stools- World Market- I can’t find the original stools pictured above on the site anymore, so I had to link these as an alternative. I don’t know if I like them as much. I don’t want too much floral in my living room! I already have a huge black and white stretched canvas photo of a single rose on my mantel. It’s hard to explain, I’ll photograph it and post it on here later.

Williamsburg Vase- Jonathan Adler- I love this little guy and would love to put him on my coffee table with a nice plant in his head.

As previously mentioned, I’m  not dead set on any of this but I just wanted a nice visual plan to work off of and tweak. I will be photographing my apartment so everyone can see what I’ve done so far and what I’m working with. Check back for more!



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  • Reply Dena July 19, 2013 at 9:44 am

    Marie, I love the navy velvet sofa below! I have a newly covered sofa in mushroom velvet so I won’t recover it soon, but your picture has inspired me to try slightly oversized navy velvet pillows at each end to change out the look of the sofa and the room! Thanks, great ideas!

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