Maximize the Space In a Small Apartment

How to Maximize Your Space

Today we have Naomi Shaw with us on Progression by Design. Naomi  is a stay at home mom in Southern California. She enjoys blogging about DIY crafts and mommy tips, etc. She’s here today to tell you all about maximizing the space that you have in your apartment and turning it into a functional space that you can enjoy living in!

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Living in a small apartment can be both a blessing and a curse. Your apartment can be a cozy sanctuary that requires very little dusting, or it can feel like a cramped and misused storage closet. How can you maximize a small space to your advantage, so that instead of living in a cluttered mess, you can take pride in your beautiful abode?

Here are four essential tips and tricks for maximizing all of your living space.

Create Rooms With Different Zones

Consider all the activities you do in a space. Whether it’s sleeping, relaxing, or eating, you can create “rooms” for each of them.

  • You can create a “bedroom” by surrounding your bed with a tent or curtain.
  • Multiple seating areas can demarcate a living room or a reading corner.
  • A dining table can be small and tall, placed near a window, or strategically near the kitchen.

Maximize the Space in a Small Apartment | Progression By Design

via Cheban Interiors 

 Add Dual Functionality

It is important to set up elements that have multiple functions. This maximizes the things that you already have, and uses them for new purposes.

  • Find a table that can act as a desk and a dining table.
  • Deep sofas or daybeds can be used as guest beds.
  • An ottoman can act as a hidden storage bin, an extra seat, or a tiny table.
  • Take advantage of wireless technology to make it easy to rearrange lighting, speakers, and your office space.

Maximize the Space in a Small Apartment {Use Your Night Stand as Your Desk} | Progression By Design

via West Elm

Maximize the Space in Your Apartment {Creative Furniture Placement} | Progression By Design

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 Bigger, But Fewer

Rather than using a cluttered medley of pint-size furniture, one grand piece can make a small space feel bigger.

  • Just a few large-scale pieces can make a small room feel like a plush living area.
  • Don’t be afraid of filling up a space with one quality piece of furniture. Splurge on a big ticket item that will make a large impact, and save on smaller items that are less important to the design structure of the room.

 Smart Storage

Using unconventional spaces and techniques for storage will leave your apartment feeling clean and uncluttered. Here are a few storage tricks from FORBES that will help you get started.

  • Rotate your clothing: There’s no point in having that over sized winter coat taking up extra space in your closet. Rotate your clothes on a seasonal basis and leave the rest for storage.
  • Raise your bed: You can purchase bins that are specifically designed to go under your bed, allowing you to take advantage of that under-bed storage. Maybe this is the spot for your unused winter clothes.
  • Utilize tall spaces:When you’re installing shelves or buying a bookcase, think tall. A case that reaches the ceiling allows for more storage space and can make your tiny apartment feel more grand.
  • Rollaway surfaces: Fun elements, like a rollaway kitchen cart, can allot more counter space for cooking and add a little personality. Flea markets often have antique or vintage carts that can add character to any space.

Maximize the Space in a Small Apartment {Creative Shoe Storage} | Progression By Design

Tutorial to Create Your Own Shoe Rack 

These changes can be made without the hassle of having to find a bigger, more expensive apartment. With a few clever tricks here and there, you can transform your tiny space into home sweet home!


Thanks for joining us today Naomi and providing these amazing tips to maximize the function of your space! 



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