Modern Bar Stools Under $200

Bar Stools Under $200 | Progression By Design


| ONE, (major sale!!) 52.00 set of two | TWO, 69.00 each| THREE, 99.99 each| FOUR, 97.99 each| FIVE, $132.99 set of two |

I have been on the hunt for the perfect affordable, modern bar stool for some time now. I have finally settled on a pair of #4 in the list above. It is the perfect bar stool for apartments because it doesn’t take up any visual weight! They are light, easy to clean, and stackable. I don’t know when I would ever need to stack them, but hey – the one day that I need to, I will be able to!

I love that companies sometimes sell bar stools in pairs of two! You usually end up getting a cheaper price than buying them separately, and math… who needs it? They did the work for  you!

Have you found the perfect set of bar stools for your space yet? I would love to discover some new beauties!

Happy designing!



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