Neutral and Feminine

Fashion and interior design have always had quite a happy marriage. Always learning and inspiring from one another, these cultural components just might make the perfect couple! Both components reflect the personality and style of the inhabitant/model and paint an accurate picture of who they are. Runway and couture fashion largely impact mass market fashion and home decor trends and styles. Is chartreuse walking the runway this season? You better believe you’re going to see interior design magazines and spreads featuring chartreuse! This intricate and largely symbiotic relationship fascinates me.  I want to study this relationship and select an interior and style an outfit around it. Whom will inspire whom? What ideas and inspiration will be created?

Neutral and Feminine

|Interior,  Style at Home | Purse, Zara | Shoes, Kate Spade | Earrings, Kate Spade | Lipstick, Revlon
| Dress, Elizabeth Mckay |

I have always love this bedroom for it’s simplistic elegance! I designed an outfit that was neutral and feminine like the interior, but bold in its own way. The raspberry toned lipstick gives a pop of color similar to the throw draped on the bench at the foot of the bed. The dress is classic but makes a statement with it’s bold art deco like print, mirroring some of the pattern play  used in the decorative pillows.

What do you think of this outfit?


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