New Year, New Body

I apologize for my somewhat large absence from the blog as of late. I have really been focusing on getting my fitness and school ducks in a row before I focus on my blog. However, I am finally in the swing of things and able to refocus on Progression by Design again! Speaking of fitness, I have finally gotten motivation to work out! In the past I have always complained that my body doesn’t look the that way that I want it to, yet I was too lazy to actually hit the gym and do something about it. I finally found the motivation that I have been lacking and have proudly gone to the gym five times last week and 3 times so far this week. Woooop!

There are several things that have gotten me through it and kept me motivated. First of all, you guessed it, clothes. I can’t wait to invest in a whole new workout apparel wardrobe. I picked out some of my favorite Nike items from Dicks Sporting Goods and wanted to share my selections with you! (Clearly purple was a popular color with me)
New Year, New Body | Progression By Design

Green Tank | Purple Tank | Purple Jacket | Shoes | Purple Capris | Boatneck Tee| Teal Capris | Teal Fitted Tee

My Fitness Pal

The second life saver has been My Fitness Pal, a free app that allows you to track your calorie and nutritional intake each day. The app tracks your progress and gives you a clear picture of exactly what you are putting into your body. When my friend Alex recommended it to me I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it. However, when I started using it about two weeks ago I fell in love. My Fitness Pal has turned healthy eating into a fun game for me! I like trying to out do myself each day and seeing my success in the numbers!

Good Music

I listen to the same workout mix every time that I hit the gym. I love electronic music and Dubstep this mix gets me pumped up and ready to do some damage! It’s 59 minutes in total and I find a new part that I love every time that I listen to it. It’s not all Dubstep it has a lot of popular dance music mixed into it. I only like a little Dubstep in my music so don’t worry it isn’t as intense as it first sounds!  You can listen to it for free on your phone by searching “Superheros Anonymous Vol. 2 ” on Google. It will be the first link that pops up and it should take you to Sound Cloud to listen to it for free.

Let me know your favorite workout gadgets! Any other songs or apps that I need to try?


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