No Bake Dessert Recipes to Impress


I love entertaining and I love dessert, but I don’t love the cooking part. At least not yet, I’m too lazy. These are some of my favorite elegant no cook dessert options that will impress your guests and leave them wanting more! Seconds anyone? image via Tasting Table


Italian for “drowned,” this simple, elegant, ice cream based dessert is sure to impress. Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato into a frozen martini glass or lowball glass. “Drown” the ice cream in warm espresso and garnish with chocolate covered espresso beans. Optional: Add a pour of your favorite coffee liquor for a “tipsy” Affogato.

Tip: Ensure that the espresso is fresh and make it just before serving! Play around with different gelato flavors and get creative! A creamy caramel gelato would be divine with the rich espresso.

Elegant No Bake Dessert Recipes to Impress - Italian Dessert Plate | Progression By Design

Italian Dessert Plate

Create an Italian dessert plate with salted chocolate caramels, Italian biscotti, and stem on clementines. Serve with a chilled traditional italian dessert wine such as Binsanto. This simple dessert will appeal to everyone and finish the meal with an elegant touch.

Elegant No Bake Dessert Recipes to Impress - Biscotti with Espresso and Frangelico | Progression By Design

via Savory Simple 

Gelato with Frangelico and Espresso

This is another spin on the aforementioned Affogatio Italian pour over, but a mighty good one at that! Pour espresso and Frangelico over ice cream or gelato and serve in a chilled martini glass or dessert bowl. Top with dark chocolate shavings, crumbled biscotti, and roasted hazelnuts. Can you say magical?

Elegant No Bake Dessert Recipes to Impress - Melon Sorbet Float | Progression By Design

via Martha Stewart

Melon Ball Sorbet Float

 First of all, does this not look like the most refreshing thing on earth? This dairy free dessert is low cal, and low effort! Use a melon baller (is that even a word?) to scoop honeydew and cantaloupe and freeze on a cookie sheet for at least four hours. Drop the melon balls into a chilled glass with a scoop of lime or coconut sorbet in it. Pour club soda or seltzer over the ingredients and garnish with a mint sprig that you have rubbed between your fingers! Enjoy!
Elegant No Bake Dessert Recipes to Impress - Pineapple Foster via Gimme Some Oven | Progression By Design

via Gimme Some Oven (best blog ever)

Pineapple Rum Foster

Okay so I lied, there is a TINY bit of cooking, well grilling, with this one but I promise you that it is so easy, and SO tasty. Mix brown sugar, cinnamon, and rum together and coat several pieces of cored pineapple. Soak for fifteen minutes and grill pineapple. Serve over vanilla ice cream, or for a tropical touch, coconut ice cream. For the full recipe head on over to Gimme Some Oven!

Enjoy these delicious desserts! Which one sounds like it will be your new favorite?




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    Soooo most definitely need this in my life. The less I actually touch the stove or oven, the better. AND I get to impress people? Win/win!
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    • Reply Marie Huang October 8, 2015 at 5:26 pm

      Exactly! You honestly can’t go wrong. These desserts are seriously some of my favorites!


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