Pajamas That Will Make You Feel Like You Have Your Life Together

Okay y’all. I know that I am not the only one that exclusively sleeps in boxers and a giant t-shirt. I would love for everyone to think that I slept in a matching silk boxer and camisole set with a lace eye mask, but let’s be real. I don’t think anyone really does. If they do, I can almost guarantee that they aren’t in their twenties. If you are, congrats, you can actually use the term “I woke up like this” without lying.

While I love my mens boxers that come in a 3 pack from Target, I feel like I can do a little better than that.


For those nights that I actually feel like my life is somewhat together, (i.e. I am getting into a made bed, with my legs shaved) I want to be able to whip out a cute little something that says “Hey. Tonight, I’m going to sleep like someone that makes their bed more often than once every two weeks.”

So y’all, who’s with me? Let’s put on our imaginary lace eye masks and get ready for bed like the fancy  ladies that we really are.

Next time when I am dating someone new I would love to hold up the charade that I actually sleep like this every night for as long as humanly possible. In the past, no one has believed me that I wear these “pajamas” when I’m alone. For which I don’t blame them, but also like – what? Is it THAT hard to believe? And even worse, they thought I was dressing up because they were there. Don’t flatter yourself sir, I wear this floor length lace and satin robe on the reg. *eye roll*




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