Preppy Pullovers

Camel Fleece Patagonia | Green Wool with Elbow Patches (My absolute favorite!) | White and Tartan Zip Up |  Blue Ralph Lauren, (that blue is stunning!) | Green All Prep Pullover | Dark Red Fleece Pullover |

Fall is my favorite season of the year. Dusting off my riding boots, chunky sweaters, and knit hats is probably my favorite thing ever. And oh my gosh PLAID (drops pants.) Just kidding. Sort of.

The effortlessly chic outfit combos are simply endless… However. Ya’ll…. I’m freaking lazy. I admire the women that can look effortlessly stylish seven days a week. Yeah, that’s not me. Enter the oversize preppy pullover. For when you don’t want to put an effort in but also don’t want to look like a complete hobo. You feel me. #noughsaid

I hate spending nine million dollars on, let’s face it, a glorified sweat shirt. But hey- they are really really cute. I feel a TINY bit better knowing that. Also, if it makes you feel any better, I can speak from experience when I say that you really ARE paying for the quality. Some of these oversized pullovers are the softest things known to man and the perfect preppy addition to your casual fall wardrobe. Throw them on with a pair of leggings and bean boots and you’re in business lady!

Preppy Frat Pullovers for Fall | Progression By Design

Who’s with me for casual Fridays seven days a week? 




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