Seeing Stripes…Again

It’s baaack… the post dedicated solely to the appreciation and celebration of the gorgeous black and white stripe. It’s invading every nook and cranny of this beautiful world: fashion, houses, party decorations… All of which I love, duh.

I’ve always adored the look of toile and black and white stripes. I love the way that the patterns compliment one another. And then that awesome abstract painting? Boom. Mind blown.

Black and White Striped Chairs

I love these chairs as well. They really brighten up what is otherwise, a pretty dark room. Side note, the table is painted gold. Fabulous! In my book, no one can go wrong with gorgeous white hydrangeas and a little black and white stripes to amp up the party factor!

Black and White Striped Chairs

Speaking of party, I adore these balloons. They would literally go with about five party themes that just popped in my head. Or with a generic chic themed party where indeed, there is no actual theme.

Black and White Striped Balloons

Sometimes I feel that in entryways, bold stripes like these enclose the space. In this case the entryway is big enough to counteract that effect. I love the walls with the crisp white ceiling and black lamps. Note, I’m not digging the zebra stairs so much… Oh well. Can’t win them all!

Black and White Striped Entryway

For more stripey goodness check out My Love Affair With Black and White Stripes and Daily Dose of Stripes!


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    Ugh I’m so preppy I just love this. Stripes or polka dots….gets me every time! How was MEXICO?!

      Marie Huang

      Aw thanks for remembering! It was sooo amazing! I need to write a post about it one of these days. I got some pretty great photos! And ugh I know I’m definitely a prep at hear too. That’s probably why I love these so much! 😉

      Marie H.