Simple Luxuries at J Crew

I might get taken to Preppy Court for this (yes it’s real), but I never had a strong interest in J Crew until my best friend Alex opened up my eyes to it’s majestic beauty. I love J Crew’s signature “I just threw this on but I look fabulous” look! They put a spin on classic items like the baseball cap, the sweat shirt, and the t shirt and turn it into something luxurious and pretty.

Baseball Caps

Until this past winter, I have never been a hat person. Now, I can’t get enough of them, and it doesn’t help that J Crew comes out with new gorgeous caps frequently! This Jacquard Baseball cap has been on my wishlist for a while now, but now that it is on sale, I might just pull the trigger on it. The fabric is vibrant and gorgeous in person, making this hat a must have Spring accessory.

Simple Luxuries at J Crew

Simple Luxuries at J Crew

I loved this wool baseball cap from J Crew this winter! I thought it finished off my casual outfit nicely and covered the makings of a bad hair day!

Sweat Shirts

The sweat shirts at J Crew are absolutely perfect for those days that you don’t feel like putting too much effort into your outfit, but still want to look good. The jeweled neckline on the sweat shirt below adds a chic detail to an otherwise boring top. There are a variety of cuts and patterns to choose from at J Crew, and I of course want them all! I’ve had my eye on the Popover Top below for a long time and it is at the top of my Spring wishlist.

Simple Luxuries at J Crew


Simple Luxuries at J Crew

T Shirts

I don’t think that silk tee shirts could get any better. Soft and elegant, these beauties put a luxurious spin on your average tee. I love the vibrant colors of this Moonglow Pasiley Silk Tee! It’s the perfect addition to update your wardrobe for the warmer months of spring and summer! I have the Diamond Silk Tee and I absolutely love it. It’s so easy to style and it makes a big statement.

Simple Luxuries at J Crew

 Simple Luxuries at  J Crew

Easy, stylish, AND comfortable pieces can be hard to come by. J Crew takes classic lounge wear and turns it into something chic and stylish while keeping it relatively comfy! Check out their website for more pieces and styles to browse and add some of these beauties into your closet.

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