Spring Break Essentials (College Edition)

Spring Break College Edition

Note: Post updated to reflect current favorites and products. 2/22/16

Ahh, the time of year has come for young adults to hit the beaches in droves. Spring Break is upon us! Pack up your coolers and totes, grab a friend (or five) and head to the beach. If you have never been on an official “Spring Break trip” before, there are some life or death items that you don’t want to leave at home. Read on for tips and advice, a suggested packing list, and adorable beachwear suggestions!

Spring Break College Edition Essentials | Progression By Design


| Monogram Necklace, Personalized From Me to You | Hat, Vineyard Vines | Coozie, Kiss My Southern Sass | Bro Tank, Kiss My Southern Sass | Tote, Southern Honey n Grace | Sea Salt Hair Mist, Ulta | Heart Shaped Aviators, Old Navy (only $4!) |

Towels On Deck – First things first. Bring as many towels as you can fit in your luggage! You need a couple for the beach and a couple for showering. Nothing is worse than stepping out of the shower after a long day at the beach and realizing that all of your towels smell like beer and sunscreen. A little sand exfoliate is fine down by the water, but no one has time for that after a hot shower.

Tote Bag – Depending on where you are going, there might be live concerts and other events on the beach. If this is the case, then talk it over with your group and decide whether or not you want to set aside a spot  away from the crowd with your towels and bags. If decide to do this, then a tote is crucial! Store your lotion, water, chap stick, room key, etc. inside!

Fanny Pack It– If you decide against carrying a tote then a fanny pack is vital! It’s the perfect way to store all of the essentials right on you without having to worry about keeping up with a big bag. Fanny packs are awful normally, but this isn’t real life. It’s Spring Break.

Hats– No one likes leathery skin in their 40’s. Do yourself a favor and prevent this ahead of time by wearing a hat with a visor to protect your skin. On top of providing protection from the sun, hats keep your crazy hair at bay. I hate to break it to you, but there are NO good hair days on the beach. Sweat, wind, salt water, and beer do not make for good hair day conditions. Hats. Are. Crucial.

Spring Break Essentials

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Water Cup/Jug– You will see a lot of people walking around with big jugs or water bottles. If you are of age, it is helpful to pour your mixed drink or alcohol into a jug so that you can walk up and down the beach with it!

Bro Tanks are Your New BFF– These easy cover ups are essential for spring break. Bro tanks easy to throw on and off and aren’t a big deal if they are lost or ruined.

Coozie– How else are you going to keep your beer cold?

Monogrammed Necklace– This is absolutely necessary! How else are your drunk (of age) friends going to locate you in a throng of people? Your monogrammed necklace… duh. Personalized From Me To You is my favorite place to get custom monograms! They do such a stunning job, and every piece is truly unique.

Sea Salt Spray– Getting ready to go out drunk is seriously the hardest thing on the planet. Make it easier on yourself and pack some sea salt spray! Spray, scrunch and go! Hello mermaid hair.

Sunglasses– Because it’s sunny.

Extras that you will be glad you packed: Lotion, a laundry bag for wet suits and dirty clothes, a cooler, makeup remover wipes (because no one wants to wash their face on vacay), a six pack of Gatorade (hangover cure), a sweat shirt (in case it gets chilly at night), a portable phone charger to keep in your tote or fanny pack.

Have a bad ass time, and don’t be stupid. I have seen a lot of things go really wrong really fast when people don’t use their heads. Stay with your friends and never go anywhere alone or stray from the main group! Last but not least, DO NOT accept drinks from strangers. I’m serious. Have a blast, and take Pinterest worthy pictures.


Want more Spring Break goodness? Check out my Ultimate Spring Break Bucket List and kick your trip into high gear. I mean who wouldn’t want to swim with glow sticks and dance on the table?

What is your one spring break essential that you can’t live without?! Let me know in the comments below.





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