Spring Break 2016 Packing List

| Mix and Match Bikinis (Choose Your Top and Bottom) , Victoria’s Secret | White Sun Hat, Nordstrom | Natural Sun Hat, Nordstrom | Baseball Cap, Vineyard Vines | Flamingo Pool Floaty, Nordstorm |  Blue Mirrored Ray Ban Aviators | Woven Tassel Tote, Mar Y Sol | Her Book, Amazon | White Girl Problems Book, Amazon |

As February begins to draw to a close, dreams of palm trees and sandy beaches have slowly started (hula) dancing in my head. Gone are the days of beer soaked keg parties on the beach and neon greek life fanny packs. As hard as we may try, the fanny pack will never truly be cool. Let it go. While these trips were filled with fun (and plenty of hangovers), I am ready for a more relaxing vacation this year. I have been longing to get my hands on a beach side chair, a frozen drink, and a new book to binge read.

Note: If you are by chance going on a beer soaked spring break excursion, more power to you sister. Go check out my Spring Break Essentials (college edition) and Spring Break Bucket List, I’ve got you covered. Also you may read that I used to like fanny packs. Awkward.

I like to think that I’m super adulty now and too good for college aged debauchery. Psst- I’m really not. It’s all I can do to pay my bills on time. But whatever lets pretend like I am and talk about adulty vacation items. Movin on up in this world! *Insert double palm emoji here*


Stylish sun hats are truly a must. Not only do they prevent middle aged please-don’t- comment-on-my-leathery-looking-skin skin, but they also make you look totally glamorous and confident when lounging pool side. Double win! I personally love this two toned straw hat, but if you’re not a dramatic sun hat kind of lady, Vineyard Vines has a great baseball cap to serve your facial protection needs.

Spring Break 2016 Packing List | Progression By Design

So Victoria’s Secret is killing it in the swim suit department this year. I truly love all of their mix and match bikini options and want to buy like five in each color. Chill out Marie, you only need four. Head on over there and play with your own bikini combinations and styles. 

If you are looking for a serious binge worthy beach read, I highly recommend White Girl Problems by Babe Walker. I normally am not one for trashy teen novels, but this book is comedic gold. I have re-read this book several times and continue to laugh out loud every other page each time that I read it. Seriously ladies, buy it.

Shove your pool floaties and Coronas into your stylish pink tote and you are good to go. Whether you are having a much deserved stay-cation, or a swanky Hawaii adventure enjoy Spring Break 2016 in style.

Cheers ladies!



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