Style Bite: Hanging Art on Bookcases

Style Bite: Hanging Art On Your Bookcases | Progression By Design

I really love the look of creating dimension and interest with layers of picture frames and art pieces. Often when we incorporate art into book cases, we place the frames onto the shelves. For a unique look try hanging the art on the front of the book case itself. It adds dimension and creates a unique design element using a traditional book case. To keep the clutter at a minimum, don’t go crazy with other knick knacks on the shelf! The art piece should serve as a unique focal point, not a source of visual clutter.

Style Bite: Hang Your Artwork on Your Bookcases | Progression By Design
Traditional Home

Hanging Art on Bookcases

Hanging Art On Bookcases
West Elm

So what do you think? Do you love this look, or do you hate it?


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