The holidays are a crazy time for everyone. It is really easy to get caught up in the twenty million things that you need to buy and complete, and I often do. I enjoy every holiday, but sometimes I regret taking on so many holiday related tasks, ideas, and presents. Yes ten foot DIY ornament garlands are super fun to make, but do I really need one for my holiday to be successful? No. Do I really need to make three different side dishes for Thanksgiving when my mom clearly has it covered? No.

This year I have been truly blessed. I have met some amazing people that have truly changed my life, and let go of some of the people that have negatively impacted my life as well. While the bad times have certainly been hard, I am truly thankful for the hardships. They have taught me to rely on myself and how important that lesson is. They have taught me to love harder and without fear. They have taught me that the people in my life come and go for a reason, and those that stay are meant to have a place here.

A person that I now consider a very dear friend recently told me that she wakes up every day and writes something that she is thankful for in the present, and something that she is thankful for in the future. When she is writing about the future, she speaks in the present because she knows that one day she will accomplish those things, and for that she is already thankful.

I have practiced this every day since she shared it with me. It starts my day with joy and realigns my mind with the goals, dreams, and aspirations that I have. A lot of days are hard and it is easy to focus on how tired you are, or that you don’t want to go to work, etc. But this reflection has helped to fill my days with more happiness and more awareness for the gift that I have been given. My life.

So instead of stressing out about insignificant things this holiday season, I want to remind myself, and everyone around me to stop and truly be thankful every single day, not just on Thanksgiving.

Be thankful for your mind, be thankful for your passionate spirit, be thankful for your unfaltering drive to succeed.

Thank you for reading my blog and taking time out of your day to read this. I hope that your holiday season and your year is filled with infinite happiness! I love each and every one of you that have helped to make my year so amazing from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for loving me and helping me grow.



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