The Bachelor 2015 Season Finale

The Bachelor 2015 Season Finale  (My Thoughts) | Progression By Design

I never watch TV. I am an avid Netflixer with a pinch of Hulu thrown in. However, I make one exception. The Bachelor. I am completely embarrassed at my level of obsession that I have with this show, and this season was no exception. I really liked Chris and felt that he was one of the more genuine bachelor’s that the show has had.

The Proposal

I predicted his top three picks of the season and was completely correct in predicting that Whitney (now his fiancee) would make it into the top three. I felt that she genuinely loved him the most and was completely ready to begin a life as a wife and mother with Chris. I may or may not have shed a tear when he got down on one knee and proposed. Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was me becoming completely aware of how utterly single I am, or maybe it was the 300 candles that they lit in that barn (seriously guys? ummm fire hazard?), but I got a little misty. No shame. I am so happy for them and happy that Chris picked Whitney!

The After Show

Can we talk about how devoid of emotion Becca was? I mean I understand you being in shock and everything, but she didn’t really reveal her emotions at the after show conversation with Chris either. I really think that it was for the best that they didn’t end up together. When you are in love with someone YOU KNOW. There shouldn’t be a doubt in your mind, and the fact that she had so many so late in the show was a giant America sized red flag.

The Bachelorette

Okay ya’ll… that announcement was just awkward. The audience was like what the hell, I was like what the hell, and Becca and Kaitlyn were like what the actual F#*%. That was just bad decision making on the producer’s part. I can’t freaking stand Britt and I hope there is some sort of elimination on the first episode  of the less desirable bachelorette (basically just get rid of Britt).  The Bachelorette 2015: Sister Wives.



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