The Classic Holiday Movies

Classic Christmas Movies

I have been counting down the days until the holiday season basically since the end of August. It is my absolute favorite time of year and I love getting into all of the decorating, cooking, and activities that accompany the winter holidays! One of my favorite traditions is stocking up on some munchies and settling in for a holiday movie marathon! Here are some of the classics that make it into my movie line up every year:

The Classic Holiday Movies | Progression By Design

The Family Stone |  A Charlie Brown Christmas | Elf | A Christmas Story

1. The Family Stone– I love this chaotic family! It always makes me wish that I had a big family ( I’m an only child) like theirs. This is the perfect Christmas movie. Tons of white snow, family drama, and Christmas cheer!

2. A Charlie Brown Christmas- I have watched this classic since I was little, and it will always remain one of my favorites! Every time I hear that signature piano number it puts me in the Christmas spirit faster than you can say “adorable bald child!”

3. Elf- Okay you can’t get more Christmas than this. Will Ferrell in yellow tights and a pointy hat… yeah. Anything with snow and New York, and you’ve pretty much got me hooked!

4. A Christmas Story– This movie always reminds me of that uncontrollable excitement for Christmas morning that I used to get as a child. While I still get pretty excited, you can’t beat that youthful enthusiasm for waking up at 5 am that kids are so full of.

The Classic Christmas Movies | Progression By Design

The Polar Express |  Home Alone | Christmas With the Kranks |  Miracle on 34th Street

5. The Polar Express- A magical tale that captivates me every time!

6. Home Alone– Pretty much the most epic story ever for me when I was a young kid. I used to dream of setting up booby traps and warding off bad guys after watching this movie. However, I always found it strange that the boy didn’t completely flip out at being left alone for what seemed like a week. How old is he anyway, like 9? Gutsy kid.

7. Christmas With the Kranks– Corny? Yes. A beloved favorite? For some reason, yes.

8. Miracle on 34th Street– I’m typically not a black and white movie fan, but this movie always gets me. Santa on trial? Adorable little girl? Classic Christmas movie.

I can’t wait to watch all of these! What are some of your classic holiday movies?


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