The Glam Girl’s Guide to Shopping IKEA


IKEA. The place that everyone goes to buy cinnamon rolls ahem inexpensive furniture and accessories. IKEA is absolutely great for anyone looking to buy attractive looking furniture at an affordable price. However, while there are amazing pieces to be found at IKEA, furnishing your entire space with them can make it end up looking a little… well – cheap. This “everything I own came from a box” look can be absolutely avoided with a few design strategies, a good eye, and a little patience. Enter, the Glam Girl’s Guide to Shopping IKEA.

I will show you how to make your space look expensive, curated, and glamorous using IKEA bought furniture and accessories. Who’s ready?!

Make sure and read on to find out my number one trick to making my IKEA furniture look expensive!

First, we are going to start with the main room of the house, the living room!

The Glam Girls Guide to Shopping Ikea {The Living Room} | Progression By Design

For the living room, I wanted to focus on a muted color palette with accents of dark brown, chrome, and glass. This neutral base gives you the perfect foundation to add colored accents from other retailers into your space if desired at a later time!

| Orb Chandelier, $99 (yes really) | Mirror, $99 | Buffet Table, $249 (amazing storage!) | Candle Sticks, $15.99 | Leather Chair, $499 (the best part of the room) | Accent Table, $119 |

The Layout

The sideboard table would be a great in your entry way or in an actual dining room if you have one! My apartment doesn’t have the space for a dining room so I use a sideboard as my “entry way” table.

As far as the seating arrangement goes, I love the look of a love seat or sofa with two oversized chairs across from it. This arrangement creates a nice conversation area with plenty of seating for guests. I am also really loving the look of four chairs facing one another in a square with a coffee table in the middle. This is a really unique look that would add an interior designer touch to your space.

Create a Balance

When designing your living room, remember your interior design rules such as the importance of symmetry, scale, and balance. I added in a large floral arrangement to fit the oversized scale of the mirror above the buffet. Avoid placing a shorter lamp or decorative piece next to something so tall. I balanced the tall floral arrangement with the medium height candle sticks on the other side of the buffet.

Shopping Tips

While it may be tempting to get a pair of less expensive chairs, spending more of your budget on these leather chairs will instantly add an expensive statement to your living room. This Mellby chair is only $499, which trust me, is a bargain for a great looking over sized leather chair! Save your money on supplemental pieces and splurge on the ones that count!

When picking out furniture pieces and accessories, keep the little details in mind. Chrome legs or a glass table top are some of the accents that make a piece look more expensive than others.

Now moving on to creating a glam budget friendly bedroom!

THe Glam Girl's Guide to Shopping Ikea {The Bedroom} | Progression By Design

| Vanity Table, $149 | Bed, $249 | Purple and Gold Pillows, from Target  $23.75 | Lucite Chair, $79 (so comfortable!) | Nightstand, $45.99 | Polished Nickel Drawer Pulls, from Home Depot $7.91 each | Rug, $249 | Lamps, from Lamps Plus $39 (on sale 50% off!!) |


The Layout

One of my favorite things about designing a bedroom is making the bed the focal point of the room. I love hanging an oversized art piece or mirror over the bed to make a dramatic statement and focus your attention to the center of the room. Creating an oversized tufted headboard will do just that, while adding a luxurious touch to your bedroom. Aniko from Place of My Taste has an amazing tutorial on this that will help you create your own DIY headboard.

Create a Balance

I am all about symmetry in interior design, especially when it comes to nightstands. If you have the space for it, place this gorgeous white vanity on one side of the bed, and the white night stand on the other. If you are able to do that, I would place one of the lamps on one table and one on the other. This will create a balanced symmetry in the bedroom and give  your eye a place to rest.

If you are going to do the the layout with the vanity next to your bed, I would get a different set of lamps. The lamps that I chose were meant to go on either side of the vanity, not on the nightstand. They are too small in height when next to the headboard. I would go for a modern pair of taller lamps.

Note: The pillows and pair of lamps are not from IKEA. Both are extremely affordable and well within IKEA’s pricing. I included these to show that a well designed room isn’t all purchased from the same place. Adding in accessories from other retailers will make your space look curated, as opposed to being pulled straight from a catalog.

Shopping Tips

My Favorite Trick: Adding your own hardware to an IKEA piece adds a more expensive looking touch, instantly elevating the piece. I would add a pair of polished nickel drawer pulls and a sheet of glass to the white nightstand above. If you want to REALLY get your DIY on, I would also add a set of chrome furniture legs to elevate the set of drawers off the ground. Ask your local Home Depot for help on this!

Again, splurging on the pieces that matter and saving on some of the less important ones will elevate your space from plain IKEA to glamorous.

I hope this Glam Girl’s Guide to Shopping at IKEA will help all of you interior design driven ladies to create a space that you absolutely love! For more interior design tips and tricks make sure to read about my Tried and True Design Rules, How to Make Your Home Look Expensive, and How to Enlarge a Space!

Happy Shopping!



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